Fire in the Sky

So tomorrow is the 4th of July and the 4th of July means…FIREWORKS! I know, I know, it means a whole lot more like honoring those who gave their lives for our liberties and our freedoms after the American Revolution and for remembering those who served in other US wars (people like my cousin, and my uncles and my grandfather) to maintain those freedoms. I know that and a big THANK YOU to all of the US troops past, present and future.

I will be doing that…while I wait for the big boom boom boom that will come out of the sky while big bright fire filled sparks explode overhead. I love fireworks! As a matter of fact I saw a few on Saturday night when my husband and I went to the baseball game. We lost that game but still, the fireworks were beautiful!

So where do we go tomorrow? How do we celebrate? What’s the plan?

Gosh…there are so many choices.

I could go up to Bayshore and check out the little waterfront festival there. It’s only for two hours, from 7pm – 9pm. The little blurb said there will be free music and entertainment as well as food and drink vendors.

I could go out to the other park across the bridge where they are having the big water-festival complete with 12 big waterslides, live music and fireworks. It’s a $3 donation and there will be food and drink vendors. It sounds bigger than the first choice  but it also sounds crazy kid-friendly and since we don’t have any kids…why go there?

I could go north instead of south and hit the beach for the day.  There are fireworks off the South Jetty at 9pm so we could go to the beach for the day, get some sunshine, chill and hang out, stay for the fireworks and then come home. It’s an option. A sunny option.

I could out to the Cajun Festival for the day. I could eat Cajun spices and sausages and all sorts of other stuff to make my poor belly rumble and grumble. I could listen to jazz style music and chill out at the street festival and wait for the fireworks.

Hmmm…what to do? Oh what to do? Oh…whatever shall I do?



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