Mirror Mirror On My Wall…

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for sticking with a “theme” for more than a day. I normally get distracted by all the thoughts and feelings that I want to get out that I start a “theme” and then bail on it for my next rambly tangent.  Now, without further ado, is

Quote #3


Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.  ~Jean Cocteau


Ooh! I love that one! It goes so well with “It is what is on the inside, not the outside, that counts.” and it also makes me think of the story of the “The Ugly Ducking” which was one of my favorite stories when I was a little girl. It is also a pretty straightforward quote and it doesn’t take a whole lot of interpretation to explain what Mr. Cocteau is trying to say to everyone. It is also very much along the same line of thought as Quote #1.  It all comes back to remembering that it is not how a person looks but rather how a person speaks and behaves that reflects who a person truly is inside.  Mirrors do not truly reflect a person’s beauty because true beauty is created by the soul, not the body.  For example, there was a story in the news recently about a Russian fashion model who threw her 4-month old baby boy out of a 14th floor high-rise apartment because he was crying. Obviously 4-month old baby + 14th floor + free falling did not have a pleasant outcome for the infant. I wonder what her mirror reflected? I bet it showed a beautiful face and a gorgeous smile but as Jean Cocteau said, perhaps her mirror should have thought a little longer before it reflected her beauty back to her. Perhaps, if her mirror has thought a little longer it would have shown her that while she is beautiful on the outside she is definitely no beauty on the inside. On the inside she is cold and selfish and heartless and impulsive all of which will result in the death of her little baby boy.

Sometimes I wonder to myself, “If my mirror thought a little longer before it showed me my reflection, how would I look?”

Would it show me with tough skin from where I developed a shell against the cruelty that people can inflict?

Would it show me the scars on my heart from where it’s been ripped open and shattered by grief after losing loved ones that meant so much to me?  Would it show my heart bleeding as it sometimes does for those that hurt?

Would it show me with an averted gaze because I sometimes turn a blind eye to those that are hurting or suffering or in need instead of allowing my heart to open up to them?

Would it show me a saved soul because of my faith and love for my Lord and Savior?

Would I be beautiful? Or hideous? Or somewhere in between?

What would my mirror say if it could reflect true beauty?


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