EEP! Free coffee

<—– This is my Letter to the Editor than ran in today’s paper.  Please forgive the yellow highlighting but I had to search “free coffee” in order to find it and that’s just how it showed up.

That also really happened. See? Some people really are so nice! It restores a little faith in mankind, especially after some of the flaky d-bags I’ve ben dealing with over the last few days. I mean, really, how hard is it to be somewhere at the time (or at least on the day!) that you say you’re going to be? Ugh. There’s people have no concept of respect and consideration and then there are guys like this guy that make us all smile and think to ourselves, “You know, there are some good people out there still. Hooray for them!”

My husband and I, we are absolutely Starbucks people. We like their coffees. He has an old favorite which he’s fiercely loyal to (Grande White Mocha with Soy, No Whip, and a Caramel Drizzle) and I have an old favorite I return to over and over again (Grande Raspberry White Mocha and yes, I keep the whip cream – calories be damned!) although I will occasionally branch out for the fun of it over their seasonal specials. The Salted Hot Chocolate that comes around for Christmastime? It’s delicious! It was better when we were still in Alabama and it was cold for Christmas; down here in Florida sometimes it’s a bit too hot for a Hot Chocolate but that’s why they have Frappucino‘s right? Yep. That’s why. So I do have a few cold drinks I’ll drink from time to time and my current favorite is the Coconut Mocha Frappucino. If you like coconut (like me) it’s amazing! If you dislike coconut (like my husband) it’s atrocious.

On this particular morning I was already at work before this awesome kindness occurred so I was not the lucky recipient of a free Starbucks coffee courtesy of Mr. Im-Nice-Enough-To-Pay-It-Forward-No-Thanks-Is-Needed but I’m sure a lot of other people (including my husband) were and that’s awesome. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make us feel good about the world in which we live.  So thanks again Anoymous Coffee-Buying-Man!

(and yes, those black marks are mine. I blocked all of the information that would reveal my name, my town, or any other possible location information. Sorry but privacy is important.)


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