The Best Interpretors

I  added a new page to my blog this morning under ♥ My Happy Life ♥ that is called ♥ Quotes ♥.  On that page I wrote…surprise!…my favorite quotes. I bet you didn’t see that coming did you?  Then, as I was writing them all down I started hearing my former English Literature teacher in my head. That’s scary…I know. He was my teacher over 10 years ago. Regardless, I heard his voice saying, “I know you like it, but why do you like it?”.  He was always very insistent that it wasn’t enough to simply like something, we needed to understand why we liked it. We needed to understand why that movie, that song, that book, that television show, that quote spoke to us, why did we  connect to it? What was it’s special meaning? It’s purpose? I spent so much of my life those two years analyzing every single thing that it became overwhelming.  I would eat a carrot and think, “That was good. I liked that. Oh…but why did I like that?” It wasn’t enough that it was simply delicious. Anyway, I heard his voice in my head and I thought to myself, “Hey! Blog idea!” So now you will be privy to why I like the quotes I like and I’m going to blog quote by quote until I’ve written them about them all, or until I get bored and decide to write about something else, whichever comes first. So now…without further ado…

Quote #1

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.  ~John Locke

I love this quote.  I only heard it for the first time a few days ago but I really like it.  In the words of Dr. Bishop it “speaks” to me. It’s really quite simple and rather straightforward. I don’t need to read the thoughts of a person or hear the words of a person to know the kind of person a person is (I’m sorry…I know that reads weird but stay with me.) You can tell so much about who a person is simply by observing their behaviors.

You can always read impatience, anger, frustration, denial, grace, humbleness, selfishness, entitlement, modesty, respect in someone’s attitude and behaviors.  Words are so easily (and often) said in the heat of anger, in the midst of frustration and at the height of deceit that they are easily overlooked and disregarded. It is not the words that a person speaks, but the actions a person performs, that speak to the true character of a person.  I hold that same testament to be true even in regards to the people in my life. For example: my husband regularly opens my doors (car, home, building, etc), texts me sweet messages during the day, cleans up the kitchen when I’ve made a cooking mess, washes the laundry I’ve let pile up because I dread washing clothes, checks the oil in the cars, walks the dog, sets the alarm every evening so that I don’t forget and wake up late for work, takes out the garbage, and on and on and on. His actions are definitely the  best interpretor of his thoughts and the interpretation is always, “I love my wife. I love my dog. I want to make sure they know I love and respect them.” His actions always scream, “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!” and it’s a fabulous feeling.


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