My Wish Book

Last night I did a big thing.  It was a big thing for me at least.  I decided to share my “wish book.”

What’s a “Wish Book”?

I’m glad you asked.

I wish book is a personal tradition I started many, many, many years ago.  Ok…so not really “many, many, many” but I did start it 20 years ago when I was 10.  It started on my 10th  birthday when a friend gave me a diary. I was 10 and I didn’t write in a diary then, I didn’t even blog. I had no idea what to write about but I did have a whole ton of things swimming around in my head that I wanted to do, or things I wanted to buy, or places I wanted to go so I started writing all of those things down in my book and it became my “Wish Book.”  At the time it was full of a ton of little kid stuff like:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Get a kitten
  3. Learn to braid my own hair
  4. Save $50
  5. Win the Spelling Bee

and when I did something on it I crossed it off and dated it so eventually my Wish Book looked like this:

  1. Go to the beach  06-11-92
  2. Get a kitten           05-25-92 (Happy Birthday to me!)
  3. Learn to braid my own hair       02-04-93
  4. Save $50               12-29-92
  5. Win the Spelling Bee                     05-09-93

It became fun to look back on as I got older.  I also started to notice things like that kitten I got on 05-25-92. It was apparently a birthday present because my birthday is 05-25.  That $50 I saved? I bet it was Christmas gift money.  The beach trip?  A sunny Florida summer day. The older I became the longer the list goals became and I’ve filled and crossed off at least 10 books over the last 20 years.  I’ve lost a lot of those old books as I’ve moved around and changed over the years but the premise of the book has stayed the same…it’s a list of things I want to do, items I want to buy and places I want to go.

So this weekend I was reviewing and adding things to it. I have a few items on that list that have been there for years.  Items like:

  1. Visit Greece
  2. Take a train ride across the USA
  3. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  4. Do the Shark Tank Adventure at SeaWorld Orlando

Those are items I really need to get on to crossing off and completing.  Then there were new things that I added like:

  1. Learn to sew
  2. Visit Norway
  3. Learn Sign Language

but it wasn’t until I added

  1. Go to an Orlando Magic game

that I realized something.  It’s not myWish Book anymore.  These aren’t things that Iwant to accomplish anymore (at least not all of them. The whole “learn to sew” thing is definitely all mine)  but now these are adventures I want to share with my husband.  Go to Greece? Of course I want to go but do I want to go alone? No, I want to go with my husband. How exciting is a train ride across the USA alone? Very! How exciting is a train ride across the USA with my husband? Extremely very, very, very! A Hot Air Balloon ride? By myself it’s fun but with my husband it’s exciting and SO romantic! So the book has evolved again. Now it’s not myWish Book anymore. It’s our Wish Book.  Once I realized that I knew I had to do something. I had to share it. I don’t mean share it as in tell my husband I have one, he has known for a long time that I have one. I mean share it as in open up the magnetic latch, turn to the current page and say, “Baby, I want you to know that this is our book. This is a list of our dreams and goals and wishes. I want you to know that you can add to this book at any time and together we will try to cross off all of the items in here.”  He smiled.

I’m sure one day I’m going to come home and find new items in our book.  Items like:

  1. Go to a DJ Icee show
  2. Scuba Dive in the Bahamas
  3. Buy new vinyl turntables

and that’s all great with me.

It’s our life now and its’ our book and they will be our adventures.


2 thoughts on “My Wish Book

    • Oh, I understand! There are some things in those old books I don’t want anyone to ever read either. I believe that in my first book I wrote “Grow boobs.” Lol. I was 10…I guess it’s something I thought I had control over and was one day going to focus on and do. Kids…we’re funny.

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