Sunny Days

Sunny Days! Sweeping the clouds away! On my way…to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get…how to get to…

Are you singing it yet? Are you? How to get to Sesame Street! I haven’t seen that show in nearly 20 years but I still know the intro to their theme song. It’s hard to forget. It’s also the tune I keep in my head while at work most days to keep a smile on my face. I like having a smile on my face. I feel pretty when I smile.  So…if I feel pretty when I smile and sunny days make me smile then I feel pretty on sunny days. See how that works?  See? Me…smiling  —->  I feel pretty, especially in hats. OMG…I love hats! Do you know when hats are the best? On sunny days. Yup. Yup. Hats = awesome…and cute. Isn’t that hat cute? It’s one of my favorites. 🙂  That and my Tampa Bay Rays hat. My Tampa Bay Rays hat is getting old and a little faded but I love it. I love them. I love baseball. I especially love baseball on sunny days (see how I bring it all together. :o)  It’s a gift.)

So why all of this sunny day talk?  It’s raining today.  It’s horrible and it’s ugly and it’s overcast and gray and gloomy outside. It’s humid and icky and wet. I know you’re thinking, “But Lilee…you’re AT WORK.  You work INSIDE. Why does it matter if it’s raining and overcast and humid and ugly outside?”

You’re right and good thinking but let me explain…

You see…in my office there are 10 of us ladies and the other 9 ladies have the misfortune of having their desks positioned in such a way that they are forced to look at beige walls all day. Sure, there might be the occasional door, green entrance button or white light switch to break up the monotony for the most part it’s nothing but this…

and that will give you a headache after 8 or 9 hours. It just will. Don’t believe me? Stare at that box for 8 or 9 hours then let me know how you feel. So I feel bad for them. I truly do. Me on the other hand? I look at half of a beige wall and half of the great outdoors. From my desk my visual straight ahead is half of a  beige wall that has our signage on it and our double front doors which gives me a glimpse of the world beyond the office. I can usually see a bright sunny sky and foliage that the gardener’s who are in our office and squirrels. I usually try to focus on that side of my view. That side makes me smile. The other side gives me a headache.

So back to the rain.  That is why I don’t like rainy days. I either have to look at a beige wall with workplace signage or I have to look at a wet dreary rainy day. I would much rather look at bright happy cheerful days.

Rain Rain Go Away!  Bring Me More Sunny Days!  I want more of this…



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