Miami “Zombie”

I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t find the overall humor in the Miami “Zombie” attack.  

A crazed naked man eating another man’s face off in a pool of blood on the side of a busy street is not funny. It’s not funny.  It’s horrifying. The whole situation is tragic and it makes me sad for everyone involved.

Photo Taken From
The man on the left is the attacker – Rudy Eugene.
The man on the right is the victim – Ronald Poppo

 The whole situation is so tragic. Rudy Eugene (the attacker) has an incident of violence toward his mother in his past but other articles say he had a troubled mind but was always carrying his Bible, could quote Scripture, and wanted everyone to feel the love of God. He was “fighting the Devil” the Tampa Bay Times said.  There is consideration that he was high on bath salts. I am not familiar with bath salts as a drug but I read where they were described as the worst parts of PCP, Meth, LSD, Crack, Cocaine and Heroin all combined in to one drug and it causes severe hallucinations, often with the user thinking they are battling a demon. Ronald Poppo (the victim) once graduated from an affluent honors high school and had great potential. He battled an affair with the bottle and ended up spending over 40 years living on the Florida streets. He has a few arrests too from what I’ve read and is said to have had a mental illness himself. Truly this comes down to two men who were both struggling with their own inner demons.  One turned to drugs and the other to the bottle.  It’s sad. It’s truly and horrifyingly sad.


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