WTH? Yay!

WTH is going on?!

A bit over-the-top I know but it was my first reaction when I checked WordPress today.  I have had the best stats I’ve had in about a month and I haven’t written anything since last Friday.  (That is 4 days for those of you that need that written numerically).  WTH is up with that? I don’t blog for 4 days and all of a sudden everyone jumps all over it? I don’t get it. I figure it must be something along the lines of, “I didn’t get an e-mail all weekend. She didn’t blog? I have to check!” at which point you came to WordPress and found out that indeed it’s true. I haven’t  blogged and you have continued to check, almost hourly, for an update, and been continously disappointed. I haven’t blogged in 4 days. Well…I’ll have you, my awesome readers, be disappointed no more! Here is a new post. 🙂  You’re welcome.

In my curiosity though I had to check. I had to know. What post is getting so much attention?  So I looked and I found

David Prowse as Darth Vader in The Empire Stri...

that once again it was Chicken vs Egg (and let me just say right now to all Star Wars fans who have accidentally stumbled on that post and been disappointed and/or angry at me. I’m sorry. I had no idea when I wrote that post that so many of you would Google “Darth Vader vs Yoda” and end up on my blog. I don’t apologize for the post. It’s awesome. I do apologize that you were misled, misguided, misdirected or disappointed. I do hope that you found that brilliance of that post and can appreciate the fact that I do indeed understand the Star Wars timeline.) and it was also Baseball.  Now I’m sure that many people clicked on my Baseball post expecting some sports info filled rambling full of statistics and other brilliance and instead found a short mopey sad faced post about how ESPN only shows the Tampa Bay Rays games when I’m at work and can’t watch. I’m sorry for that too. I’m sorry I wasn’t more informative in that post which seems to have garnered so much attention this past weekend but it was a quick little 3-minute “I’m pissed at ESPN” rant and then it was back to work. I’ll try to make up for it though with a slightly longer rant below…

So I was pretty excited on Saturday. Nay, scratch that, I was SUPER excited on Saturday because ESPN was going to show the Rays vs Red Sox / David Price vs Josh Beckettpitcher’s duel match-up. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m there!!! I loved every single second of it up until the bottom of the 9th when the stupid Red Sox hit a stupid 2-run Home Run to take the lead and win the ball game.  Then I was pissed. I was MEGA pissed! Just so you know MEGA pissed is a more extreme emotion than SUPER excited so let’s suffice to say…I was bummed.

So  I switched over the NBA to watch Game 7 of the Philadelphia 76’ers and the Boston Celtics.  I thought to myself, “If the Rays can’t beat the Red Sox then maybe the 76’ers can beat the Celtics.  The Red Sox fans won’t be crying but the Celtics fans will be and really…they are the same fans.  Plus…losing a Game 7 to the 76’ers is worse than losing a mid-season game to the Rays so…let’s go 76’ers!”  The 76’ers lost. I was SUPER MEGA pissed! (That’s worse than MEGA pissed in case you couldn’t tell.)Then I hoped the Oklahoma City Thunder could beat the San Antonio Spurs.  No dice. 

English: Logo of the Tampa Bay Rays. Category:...The Rays did beat the Red Sox on Sunday night though.  That made me happy! Hooray! Go Rays! 

We lost to the White Sox on Monday night. That sucked. It wasn’t on ESPN though…or Fox Sports…or any other television channel that I get at home so that made it a little less painful.

The Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics on Monday night.  I hate the Miami Heat.  I shouldn’t hate so instead I’ll say I have a strong dislike for the Miami Heat. I actually have a strong dislike for all Miami sports teams. I hate the Boston Celtics however and so I’m glad the Miami Heat beat them. 

So there you have it. There’s my sports rant for the day. The weekend had it’s ups and downs however two Rays losses and one Rays win means more downs than ups. Oh well…tonight’s another game.


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