Oh Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Lilee!!! Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 30 and I feel fantastic! I think I’ve been looking forward to my 30’s more than any other decade in life.  From 0-10 it was fun and I was carefree.  From 11-19 I was a mess of hormones.  I was awkward, uncomfortable and there were years that were painful and hurtful and sad.  From 20-29 I finally learned about who I truly am and got in touch with my real self. I stopped caring about youthful things like cliques and popularity and I learned to accept myself for myself…silly quirks and all. I learned to embrace myself and love myself for who I am and for who God made me to be and the happiest days of my life were during years 28 and 29.

Today I turn 30.  My life has never been happier and my future has never looked brighter.  I’m looking forward to spending my 30’s building a life, and hopefully a family, with my husband. Life is great and I expect my 30’s to be the best time of my life (so far).  Check in with me again in 10 years and I bet I’ll be looking forward to my 40’s just as much as I’m now looking forward to my 30’s. I love the phases of life. I love the growth of life. I love the potential of future years and the changing of the heart and the soul and the mind. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Hello 30! It’s going to be a wonderful decade. 🙂


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