Shakespearean Motto

When my new friend Michael Kay shared these wise words of wisdom with me over on my post “Hold The Door Or…” I knew he was on to something very clever. 

Some are born doofus-y, others achieve doofus-ness, some have doofus-ness thrust upon them!

He was quoting Shakespeare you know.  I believe I was blessed and I was born doofus-y although if I had not been I would surely be attempting to achieve doofus-ness so long as it was done in the name of kindness (as was the point of my original post which, if you have not yet read it, you should be reading now.)  Regardless, it was a great motto for life but then…THEN…he translates it to Latin.  In Latin it reads…

Quidam natus doofusy, aliis consequi doofustia, quidam doofustia fixuram super eos!

Omg…that is brilliant! Simply brilliant! Now a great motto for life has become an awesome motto for life and an awesome motto for life deserves prominent recognition therefore I typed it up all brilliantly and Latin-y and printed it and now it is displayed perfectly at work.  Well…nearly perfectly.  I think it needs a frame.  A brilliant ornate frame.  I’ll begin frame-hunting this evening.


One thought on “Shakespearean Motto

  1. Brilliant! 🙂 Although you might want to make absolutely sure it is correct before framing it, my girlfriend (who knows Latin) says the last bit might not be quite right. But I suppose that could just be part of its charm. 😀

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