Let’s Get Analytical

Yes, I just ripped off Olivia Newton John.  Did anyone catch that “Let’s Get Physical” … “Let’s Get Analytical” connection?  No?  You need to listen to more bad music. Bad music spawns a lot of bad dances, hilarious laughter-filled moments, and all sorts of funny innuendos and references (ala…my blog post title).

In the name of good music…please see below…

My husband is a big fan of rap music and introduced me to the wonderful world of Royce Da 5’9 a few months ago.  I’m not really a rap fan but I do like that guy.  I also like Eminem and I like Slaughterhouse and I like all the other guys surrounding them so when my husband leaned over to me the other day and said you’ve gotta watch this video.  I watched it.  If you watched the video I embedded up above then now you’ve seen it too.

It’s pretty great, huh?

Now…let’s analyze.  I say the whole thing is an identity struggle.  I say that because of the masks (which almost always symbolize a struggle with identity or symbolize the whole multiple persona thing. Think…I’m one way when I’m behaving as a son toward his mother. I’m a different way when I’m behaving as a husband toward his wife.  I’m a third way when I’m an employee interacting with my boss. I’m one man…wearing three masks.)   I also say identity struggle and realization because of the name tags.  I know there are many different people rapping in the video but the name tag keeps ripping off the same physical form which again leads me to believe it’s a multi-faceted personality finidng it’s way to exist as one being.

Or maybe I’m way over-analyzing.  I blame college English Literature courses.  Over-analyze is all we ever did.  Either way…it’s a great song is it not?  Sing it… “I  know my name…”


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