Hold the Door or…

Do you know that moment when you don’t know if you should hold the door open for someone or not?  I don’t mean the obvious moments…the one where a lady is pushing a baby stroller or an old man is walking with a cane.  I mean those moments where a person is too far away for it to really be convenient to hold it but too close for it not to be rude to let the door close behind you.  So what do you do?

That happened to me today when I was walking in to the building after work.  I hate that moment.  It’s so uncomfortable.  I knew the guy was behind me but he wasn’t close behind me.  He was just behind me.  I opened the door and then instantly…”Oh crap! What do I do?!?”  I glanced behind me and he was still several paces behind.  If I held the door I’d either have to stand there with the door open  or walk through to let the door close.  If I stood there and held the door open there would be several awkward seconds while I waited and he walked but if I let the door close it would be one of those moments where the  door almost clicks shut just before he reaches out and grabs it.  I hate that moment!  I either look like doofus while I wait … and wait … or I look like a brat who won’t hold a door.

So what did I do? 

I held the door of course.  I’d rather look like a doofus than a brat.  Embrace the doofusness and err on the side of kindness … and patience … and politeness.  It’s simply the right thing to do…even in the awkward zone.


12 thoughts on “Hold the Door or…

  1. I thanks you. 🙂 I feel it should be a motto. I wonder what it would sound like translated into Latin…

    • Hmm…that is a good question and I have the sneaking suspicion that Google translate probably has the answer. It usually does. It is how I passed my spanish class. 🙂

      • “Quidam natus doofusy, aliis consequi doofustia, quidam doofustia fixuram super eos.”

        That is fantastic. 🙂

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