Down 5…Up 3

It seems that I have too many Facebook friends that are constantly stressing (and posting) about their weight, weight loss, weight gain and trips to the gym. It’s incredibly annoying.  Truly, incredibly, exhaustingly annoying. 

I’m so tired of reading:

  • “I’m such a cow! I lost 5 pounds but I still have sooooo much farther to go! Waaahh!”
  • “Lost 10 pounds in a month! Yes! Go me! But I gained 3 back. That sucks. I’m going to drown my sorrows in a bucket of chocolate milk and then I guess I’ll start over again tomorrow.”
  • “Ugh. It looks like I bought yet ANOTHER broken scale! This one says I’ve gained 3 pounds. Why can’t I find a scale that actually works?”
  • “Omg! I just bought a new pair of pants and it says I’m wearing a size 8! An 8?!! Omg…I’m such a whale.”
  • “Jane Doe is at —– ‘Gym’ Yeah…about to get this work-out started! Gotta get bikini-body ready! Yeah right…like I’ll ever squeeze my fat ass in a bikini again. No amount of working out is going to make that happen. Why do I even try?”
  • “Jane Smith is at —— ‘Taco Bell’ I know it’s gross but I have a craving!” Then the next day, “I’m sooo fat! Why can’t I lose weight? I hate my life.”

OMG…I want to pull my hair out! Shut up already!!! The last thing I want to see / read is a beautiful woman constantly complaining about her weight.  Here is how I want to respond to these people…

  • Quit your bitching. You lost 5 pounds.  You wanted to lose weight, right? Ok…so then you are heading in the right direction, toward your goal. Shut up!
  • Ok…let’s do some basic math together, shall we? You lost 10 but gained 3.  So total net loss = 10-3 which is … 7! Good for you you’re down 7 pounds! How about you celebrate that 7 pound loss with an apple instead drowning your sorrows in a bucket of chocolate milk?
  • The scales not broken. Stop blaming everyone and everything else for what is wrong with your life. If 10 scales tell you you’re gaining weight…you’re gaining weight. Eat better. Exercise. They work.
  • You are NOT a whale if you wear a size 8. An 8 is not whale-like. An 8 is not even CLOSE to whale-like. You’re healthy. You have no right to complain about a perfectly normal and healthy weight and clothing size. Accept it.
  • Yes, working out will get you back in to bikini shape. If you worked out your body as much as your worked out your fingers whining on Facebook you’d get there. Stop typing. Start running. See results.
  • Stop eating Taco Bell.

It’s so nonsensical and frustrating.

Just quit already. There’s nothing wrong with being a size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, etc. NOTHING. They are all so beautiful and the only thing unattractive about these women I’m friends with is their constant complaining.  Now, that being said, I know I do it too but I do it in private and usually on days when I’m PMSing and I’m carrying an extra 6 pounds of bloating or when I truly have gained weight and my favorite jeans are a little snug. All in all though I know I’m healthy and I know I’m beautiful and I love how I look and I wish all the women in my life could find the same acceptance toward their own bodies.


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