Baby Names of 2011

The official list is out!  The Top Baby Names of 2011 are here.  Thank you Social Security Office!  Although I’m sure I could have figured out the same information by talking to any daycare teacher for more than one hour.  Regardless…here they are:

Girls – Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Mia and Chloe.

Sorry beautiful baby girls but you will never be known as simply “Sophia.” Not for a long time anyway. You are going to spend your school years known as “Sophia C.” or “Sophia L.” or “Sophia 2.”  Parents, who agonized for hours upon days upon months over choosing exactly the right name for you are going to be absolutely dismayed when, in attempt to develop some sense of individuality, you come up with some wacky nickname to be used in place of “Sophia”.  Your friends will start calling your house asking to speak to “Soap” or “Fia” to which mother’s everywhere are going to scream, “It’s not Fia! NOT Fia! It’s Sophia. SO – FIA! And that’s with a PH not a F, you know…like Phat vs Fat.” and then they are going to sound very dated because nobody will be saying “Phat” anymore. No one really says “Phat” anymore now.  Plus, it’s not going to matter how much mom whines and cries about how beautiful of a name “Sophia” is little baby girl is going to switch it up to develop some individuality. Or she is going to opt to be called by her middle name instead…although given how most of these names go together her name is probably something like Sophia Madison so it won’t really matter. I’m also hoping that no one out there really did that…Sophia Madison…S & M…she’s going to grow up like Rihanna and be a good girl gone bad where whips and chains excite her. Poor girl… she never stood a chance.

All joking aside…good job Mom’s on the girl names!  I like most of them.  If they weren’t so popular I’d probably consider using Sophia, Ava or Abigail myself.  The others…well they are cute but just not my cup of tea.  Of  course…I’d need a daughter first and that little bun isn’t even in the oven yet.

So how did the boys do?

Boys – Jacob, Mason, William, Jayden, Noah, Michael, Ethan, Alexander, Aiden, and Daniel.

Not bad boys. Not bad at all. I like the Biblical references in there. Why don’t the girls have that? The boys have Jacob, Noah, Michael, and Daniel but the girls don’t have a single Mary or Ruth or Rachel or Leah.  Now, someone told me that Chloe and Abigail are Biblical names but I don’t remember a Chloe in the Bible. I vaguely remember an Abigail so ok girls…maybe you have one or two.  Is it just me or do boys seem to not have the same identity crisis associated with their names that girls have?  If two girls with the same name (say…Isabella) meet and become friends it’s pretty inevitable that one will become Izzy while the other becomes Bella. If two boys with the same name (say…Michael) meet and become friends they will  both be Mike and that will be cool with them.  It’s an interesting phenomenon. Still though, they are going to have suffer through being “Jacob M.” and “Jacob R.” or “Jacob #2” all throughout their school years unless they choose to become “Jake” or “Jay”.  The “William”‘s have it a little bit easier  because they can always be “Will” or “Willie” (hopefully not…mothers everywhere would be dismayed once the onslaught of dirty jokes started) or “Bill” or “Billy” or ooooh….totally unique…Billiam! It’ll probably hit the top baby names soon. I’m so creative.

Seriously though…not too shabby boys.  I’m actually pretty fond of Jacob, Michael  and Daniel so I say well-done mommies!

Now, I don’t have one of these cute little bundles yet but when I do I have a list of names I adore already in my head.  I would share them all with you but I’m afraid they would make the Top 10 for next year once everyone out there in the cyberworld saw them. 

Ok…ok…if you insist! I love the name Blanche.  It’s traditional and unique and maybe she’d grow up loving her veggies! You know…because you blanch veggies!  Or maybe not.  I also love the name Fortner for a boy.  It sounds unique and strong…strong…you know…like a fort. 

Or not. Definitely not. My names are better than that but I’m not sharing.


2 thoughts on “Baby Names of 2011

  1. I call my brother, who was born William, a variety of names that half the time he ignores. These include, William, Willie, Will, Billy, Bill, Will.I.Am (he has never gotten this reference, lolz) and I’m sure I’ve called him Billiam at some point too.

    Also, I just absolutely love the name Ava.

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