Ok…But You Decide

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary! Yay!

It’s the “paper” anniversary if you want to be traditional (and I do love to be traditional…usually.) I love holiday traditions and family traditions and I love traditional names (nothing crazy or eccentric for my children) but then when my husband and I were first married I completely bucked tradition and we went to the courthouse two days after we announced our engagement and were married. We celebrated with friends and family later when it was convenient.  Am I traditional? Usually…not always.  That’s not really the point though (for now…I’ll get back to this train of thought later) the point right now is this…what to do to celebrate the anniversary?

What to do? What to do? What to do?  My husband’s answer was this, “I’ll do anything you want to do. You just let me know.” Damn it! Great. Now the pressure falls to me to come up with this elaborate grandiose idea to celebrate our first fabulous fantastic and amazing year together. How creative can I be? Well…gloriously creative when I want to be and I know a first anniversary should be a hugely magical occasion and I should have tried to come up with an extended Orlando weekend where we could celebrate with the mouse and his wife or to Tampa where we could enjoyed the bay and baseball or to Miami where we could have partied on South Beach but none of that screams “Wedding Anniversary” to me.  I don’t want to spend our anniversary surrounded by a whole bunch of other loud people. I want to spend our anniversary quietly cuddled up together just enjoying a beautiful day so what to do? I decided on a day on Gasparilla Island enjoying the beach, the tropic shops, the lighthouse, the tiki bars and the mangrove trees. I’ll pack a fun picnic lunch and we’re just going to spend the day together outdoors in the sunshine.  It’s perfect to me.  I can wear a cute sundress and sandals and carry my striped beach bag.  He can wear his shorts and go shirtless (Yay!!! I can ogle him all day! and I will. I’ll also kick the ass of any other woman who dares to look his way. Ladies…consider that your warning). We’ll get all lotioned up with sunscreen and lounge on the beach in the warm sun and soak in the sun rays and build sandcastles and collect sea shells and hunt for sharks teeth and swim in the ocean and take sunny happy pictures and eat grapes and crackers and yummy food surprises I’m going to whip up and make happy comfortable joyful memories I can look back on for years to come and enjoy. 

Seriously…which is better?


Or this…

If you say the 2nd one that’s fine, there’s no right or wrong answer, it just means that you’re nothing like me and we probably wouldn’t be very good friends.  I prefer the first one. To me it’s sweeter and it’s more romantic and it’s more intimate.  I would pick #1 over #2 every time.

I’ll get back to the paper anniversary thing later. 


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