Eat Like Your Grandparents

Last night was a great night at home.  My husband and I were talking about food and dinners and I asked, “Would you be opposed to eating vegetarian?” and to my excitement and joy he agreed…HAPPILY! He was incredibly open to it and told me he would eat whatever I put in front of him. Going vegetarian now isn’t that big of a deal  because over the last 12 months we’ve eliminated steak, beef, pork, bacon, ham, eggs, and essentially all meat sources except for turkey and chicken.  I’m not 100% sure if I want to go full vegetarian or pollo-vegetarian (still eat chicken) only because I know chicken soup is really good for both of us when we’re sick. I’m sure there’s a substitute though so what I’ll probably do is go full vegetarian but continue to eat chicken soup until I can find a good alternative soup and then I’ll stop eating chicken soup. I ate full vegetarian for nearly 9 years a long time ago but then I found myself all wrapped up in a terrible relationship with a guy who refused to drink anything except for soda and refused to eat anything that didn’t come from McDonalds or Taco Bell.  In order to stop eating out 100% of the time I reverted back to eating meat and cooking it at home.  I should have just left him to keep living the way I wanted but I didn’t…I spent 9 years trying to convince myself all of the bad habits I picked up were ok.  I’m glad that’s over and I’m glad my husband is so willing to eat and live the way I used to eat and live.  Hooray! I’m excited about it. I’m already pulling up all kinds of new vegetarian recipes and I  can’t wait to get back in my kitchen and start whipping them up.

I’ve already found recipes for walnut soup (it’s a dessert) and a new brown rice and veggie dinner and a veggie pizza and all kinds of fruit oatmeals and homemade jams and … I have a whole list of new foods try.  I’m also excited because the town we live in has two really good healthy markets, there is a Whole Foods store and an Earth Origins Organic Market. There are also at least three Farmer’s Markets every weekend and a year-round fruit and veggie stand nearby.  Deliciousness abounds! I know it’s going to mean more trips to the market but I don’t care about that. I love grocery shopping. I always have. I find it relaxing and comforting, especially at the Farmer’s Markets. They make me think of my grandparents.  My grandparents had a garden from the day they got married until they days came when they were too frail to work the land anymore. I remember working it with them every summer when we were shipped up there to visit with them. Sometimes thinking about it brings happy and positive memories and other times it brings not so happy and positive memories but it’s all in how I choose to think about it. Regardless…back to food…I’m excited to make more veggie-based meals and stop stressing about how expensive meat is and making sure there’s no cross-contamination on my cutting  boards and making sure that meat is cooked thoroughly so there’s no bacteria. Ugh. Give me my veggies any day!

So what’s for dinner tonight? I don’t know but my love better be ready for his veggies. 🙂


One thought on “Eat Like Your Grandparents

  1. We’ve pretty much stopped eating most meat too, with the exception of turkey and chicken. We still eat a fair amount of fish, but that’s limited to when we actually go out and fish because of how pricey a single pound of decent fish costs in the store. I’m converting slowly this summer into going vegetarian, or close to it. I don’t mind vegetables and fruit, I love them! I’m also cutting back on the amount of processed foods I eat as well, mostly for the extra added salt…which is really bad for me. YAY FOR EATING HEALTHY!

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