Oh My

I pulled the worksheet for my B.S. graduation this morning to review the classes I’m going to need to graduate with my next degree and do you know what I saw? I saw that I’m going to need 18 classes. 18! *sniff* *sniff*

I was hoping to be able to finish in only one more year but that’s not the case. There’s no way. The only way that would be possible is if I took 9 classes a semeser and there is simply no way I could do that. I would give out. Mentally and emotionally I couldn’t handle working full-time and taking 9 classes. It’s insane. So what to do? Here are my options…

1) Give up. That’s not really an option though because I’m not doing that.

2) Suck it up and take 9 classes. I know I would  border on burn-out, I would have no life outside of work and school and I would be incredibly overwhelmed however I would also graduate in a year which means I could get away from this hellacious place I work now and start a career I actually love. However…I doubt my school would allow me to register for 9 classes. I believe they max registration at 6 classes unless you submit an appeal and have it approved. They would never approve mine. Trust me.

3) Take the maximum 6 classes per semester and attend classes through the summer of 2013 to graduate at the end of December next year.  That would be 5 classes in the Fall of 2012, 5 classes in the Spring of 2013, 3 classes in the Summer of 2013 and 5 classes in the Fall of 2013 = 18 classes. Ugh. Then that means that I would graduate with my B.S. and be able to take the state exams and…earn a teaching degree in the middle of the school year when no one is really hiring and still have to wait 5 months for most openings to come up. That would give me time to take state exams and earn my certificates and perhaps substitute teach to get my first classroom jitters out of the way? Maybe I could find a long-term substitute teaching job. Maybe someone will get pregnant and need maternity leave and I can take over while she’s gone. I could be a usurper! Lol.

4) Accept that I’ll have to go for a full 4 semesters plus a summer and take 4 classes in the Fall of 2012, 4 classes in the Spring of 2013, 2 classes in the Summer of 2013, 4 classes in the Fall of 2013 and 4 classes in the Spring of 2014 = 18 classes. Spring of 2014?! No. I don’t want to wait that long. Not to mention, that would then have me graduating in May, when most school districts start hiring in May and June for the next school year. I would be a recent graduate, with no experience, stressing over taking the state exam to get my certification at the same time I’m looking for a job. Can we say overwhelming?

So it looks like #3 is my best option.  It’s just so frustrating.  I guess I’ll just take as many as I can and get done as quickly as I can. One semester at a time. That’s the way I’ve been doing it so that’s the way I’ll continue to do it. One semester at a time. I’ll work all day and study all night and one day it will all be worth it. That “one day” apparently is at least a year and a half from now.  :-/

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Oh My

  1. Good luck girl – you can do it!!! Too bad you aren’t interested in teaching at the high school level – rumor has it LBHS will be looking for yet another theatre teacher in the very near future 😦

    • Aww! Thank you Rebecca. 🙂 No, no high schoolers for me. I’m leaning toward 5-9 for my preferences when all the hormones are raging out of control. Lol. You should teach theatre! 🙂

  2. You’re going to do great however the pie is cut! I’ve been looking into the courses I need to get certified by the state of Kansas and it’s all so daunting to look at right now. So many education courses, so few history…

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