10 Points

DSW (the shoe warehouse) e-mailed me today.  Yeah, we’re pretty close friends and we go way back.  Anyway, they said, “Hey Lilee! Did you know that you’re only 64 points away from another certificate?  It’s true! You remember how points work right? You get 10 points for every $1 you spend so all you have to do is get your butt up here and spend $6.40 to earn those 64 points and voila! A new certificate will be yours! Plus, let’s remember…May is your birthday and you know what that means, right? Birthday certificate! So…oh yeah…TWO CERTIFICATES could be yours for the month of May! You know you want them, don’t you? Don’t lie. We know when you’re lying. You’re a bad liar. Don’t you know what you could buy with TWO certificates?!!”

Yes, DSW, Yes I do know what I could buy with TWO certificates!

I could buy these…

Or these..

Or even these…

Or any of the hundreds and hundreds of other pairs of shoes that you have in your beautiful stores!  Why must you tempt me with these reward certificates? 

Oh…what’s a girl to do?


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