Find Your Spot

Ever since we moved back to Florida I’ve been thinking about where we would move next.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy living here in Florida because I do but I’ve also lived here for nearly 26 years (aside from 1 year spent in Alabama) and I’m over it.  I do like the beach and the sun and the sports but I’m bored with the same old “Florida lifestyle” over and over again.  I loved the change of routine I had when I moved to Alabama.  I loved the new restaurants and the new weather and the new people and the new culture and I want to feel that again.  Now, I’m not normally a reloctating type of person, I like to lay down roots and stay put but I know that I do not want to lay down my roots and raise a family here in this same little town in South Florida.  I want something different, something bigger, for my family.  I don’t know where though, I’ve thought about, I’ve looked in to other cities.  I’ve thought to myself, “In two years…where do you want to be living?” and there too many options for me to make up my mind so what did I do?  I did what I always do.  I went to Google.  I asked my dear friend Google what city I should live in and Google told me to check out Find Your Spot.  I did and it was actually kind of interesting.  It’s a pretty indepth quiz about climate, hobbies, interests, sports, work, crime, etc preferences and then it connects you with cities that match your desires.  My list of top cities were:

El Paso, TX – “Where the Sun Always Shines”  /   Norfok, VA – “Heart of the Hampton Roads”   /   Oklahoma City, OK – “Big City on the Plains”   /   Fort Worth, TX – “Where the West Begins”   /   Hampton, VA – “City on the Chesapeake”   /   Nashville, TN – “Music City, U.S.A.”   /   Memphis, TN – “Home of the Delta Blues”   /   Abilene, TX – “Key City in the Big Country”   /   Brownsville, TX – “On the Border, By the Sea”   /   McAllen, TX – “City of Palms” (I thought Miami, FL was the “City of Palms” who knew?)   /   Augusta, GA – “Georgia’s Garden City”   /   Austin, TX – “City of the Violet Crown”   /   Houston, TX “The City of Excitement”   /   Charlotte, North Carolina “The Queen City”   /   Rocky Mount-Stone Creek, North Carolina “Poised for Prosperity”   /   San Antonio, TX “Three Centuries of Culture”   /   Chesapeake, VA “The Southern Tidewater Region”   /   Tulsa, OK “A Blend of the Best”   /   Tampa, FL “Paradise on the Bay”   /   Amarillo, TX “The Crown of Texas”   /   Lubbock, TX “Home to a Legend”   /   Phoenix, AZ “Valley of the Sun”   /   Clarksville, TN “The New South”   /   Dallas, TX “The Star of the Lone Star State”  

Whew. What a list! I’ll admit I was pretty surprised to see that 11 of the 24 cities were in Texas.  Then again, Texas is a pretty gigantic state as far as states go and if I want to remain southern enough to avoid most snow then that does only leave a certain region of the US.  I was surprised to see Virginia even make an appearance but after looking at those cities they are pretty intriguing and average snowfall is less than 7inches per year with average January temps in the upper 40’s. I could handle that. I think what I’ll need to do is have my husband take the same quiz, then cross-reference our results and narrow it down to a top 10 list.  Then I’ll research the job market, home values, schools (since I will be working in one) entertainment, sports, and general information then make a decision. 🙂



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