I’m sure it’s because I have final exams on the brain and all I can see is term papers and research papers and APA formatted papers and exams and exams and exams and … til my head is spinning and about to explode! Seriously though I’m not really stressing at all over the Humanities course or Education courses or the Foreign Language course but that dang old Oceanography course…oh my my my it’s the bane of my existence right now!  The reason is because it is the class I need to graduate next week.  I have to pass my science class with a grade of “C” or better. I currently have a 90.2% so I have an “A” but the truth of it is I’ve barely studied at all.  It’s been an online course all semester so I’ve been able to get away with relying on my book for assingments and quizzes and I haven’t thought much about it.  Until…the final. Eek! The nightmare began when I realized I had to take the final exam on campus and without my book! Double eek! Then it got better when I read that we can take an index card, of any size, into the exam with us and we can have notes on both sides. Whew. Although now I’m realizing that notes from 7 chapters aren’t going to fit on one card so I’m stressing about trying to memorize all these crazy inane Oceanography facts that my brain simply does not have the room to hold.  Enter…StudyBlue to save the day! Lucky Duck that I am, I’m a total visual learner and if I see something often enough I’ll remember it. It’s just how my brain is wired and StudyBlue is fantastic for visual brainiacs like me because they have digital flashcards! Say it with me now…hooray!! Anyway…whatever…I don’t care if you cheer with me or not. The point is that my Oceanography professor sent us an e-mail that included a list of topics that will be on the final and 7 PowerPoint presentations (one for each chapter in case you didn’t recognize that 7 chapters worth of notes on one index card / 7 PowerPoint presentations correltion there). He specifically said, “If it is not on my lis of topics and if it does not appear on my PowerPoint presentations then it will not appear on the final exam. Do not study items not included in my study guides.” Yay for me! So I took all of his PowerPoint presentations and I broke them down into digital flashcards (which are also available on the StudyBlue app for my phone…awesome!) and I’ve been cramming like crazy.  My second time through the cards? I got a 79%. Not too bad. I have 4 days to get better…and I will…just you wait and see!


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