On the Other Hand

Last night my husband temporarily lost his wedding ring (and by “lost” I mean he took it off to shower and shave and sat it down on the shelf, in plain sight, with my facial cleansers). Neither of us could find it for a few hours and in those few hours I realized, once again, how much I love that man.  To him it wasn’t that he lost a ring it was that he lost his wedding ring and it was important to him. He kept stressing to me, “You know I didn’t just take it off, right? I know I had it on. I had it on before I got in the shower. I know I did. Where could it be?” While we both scoured the apartment looking for it I couldn’t help but smile. Of course I wasn’t mad that he had lost it. I take mine off before I shower too and I also take mine off before I go to sleep at night so how could I possibly be upset with him?  Instead, I was happy because I could see how important his ring is to him and how important that small symbol of our love and commitment is to him.  He also kept saying, “If we can’t find it I will get another one.  I want my wedding ring.”  

I simply adore that man!

The whole circumstance made me think about an article I read on MSN a few weeks back.  It was about how fewer and fewer men are choosing to wear their wedding bands and about how fewer and fewer women are concerned about it.  I can’t imagine my husband not wearing a wedding band and I was very happy to see him so concerned about the same thing. The article continued about how wedding rings are an oudated custom and simply not relevant in today’s society. Oh really? Wearing a symbol of your commitment to each other is “simply not relevant?” Why not?

I know there are those who will say it’s because they interfere at work and sure, if you work construction or plumbing or as an electrician it might not be convenient to wear a wedding ring but my dad did those jobs and he always wore his ring.  If for some reason it’s simply not possible to wear a ring then fine, don’t wear it at work but that’s no excuse to not wear it at all.  How does not being able to wear it at work prevent a man from wearing it at home? Or out with friends?  Or out with his wife?  Or anywhere basically that isn’t work.

There is a large part of me that feels like perhaps it’s because we live in a society where divorce is an easy choice and divorce attorney’s are posting billboards that say, “Life is short. Get a divorce.” and websites like “Ashley Madison” are promoting extra marital affairs and swingers clubs are growing in popularity.  I suppose I could see how wearing a wedding ring would be an inconvenience to those life choices but fortunately there are still good men out there like my husband who wear their wedding rings because they are proud to be married, proud of their wife, proud of their commitment and who aren’t looking to play around on the side.  Lord knows my husband would have no problem picking up another woman if he wanted to but I love knowing that he doesn’t want to and would never betray me like that.

He wears his wedding ring as a symbol of his love and commitment to meIt’s a small indicator to that hooker (truly…I’m not being mean…she looks like she has a second job working the street corner at night) that works in the mall who’s always checking him out while we are shopping or that girl at the restaurant where we have dinner that undressed him with her eyes while he was standing there with his arm around me. Some women are so brazen and bold!  My husband, when he notices little whores like that, always puts his arm around me, holds my hand, or kisses me as if to say, “I’m HERS!” and I love that.  Yes, he’s MINE and I love that he wears his ring as another symbol of that. 

Fortunately, we did find his ring.  As I said earlier it was sitting on the little shelf, in plain sight, right next to my facial cleansers.  He found it and the relief that washed over his face was beautiful.  He was so happy and he immediately put it back on, hugged me, and all seemed right in our world again.  Love…it’s a beautiful and wonderous thing.  ❤


4 thoughts on “On the Other Hand

  1. My husband lost his wedding ring four months after we were married. It completely slipped off his hand while we were walking through a blizzard in Minneapolis while visiting friends. Definitely couldn’t find it in all that snow, even though we surely tried! He was also upset that he had lost something that held such special meaning! At least your husband found his! 🙂

    • Yes, sitting right in plain sight. Isn’t it strange how we never see the things that are directly in front of us? It was kind of funny when he found it. I hope your husband was able to get a new ring and I’m so happy to read that someone else values those little symbols as much as we do!

  2. I loved your post and feel the same. You two are lucky to have each other. When I was married I absolutely loved wearing my band. Feeling it’s weight on my finger made me feel, like I belonged to someone, that someone had discovered and recognized my worth. Romance and marriage seem held in a sort of impatient contempt by our society. What a shame. I’m glad to find people like you and your husband are still out there and speaking up.

    • Oh absolutely. I firmly believe the romance and marriage are essential to a truly functional society. We need commitment and perseverance and determination and unconditional love. My husband had surgery on Sunday and refused to take his wedding ring off for the procedures. They had to tape around it but he wore it. Little things like that mean everything to me.

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