Long Necks and Spots

The other night my husband and I were talking about things to do and places to go and he mentioned the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I was ecstatic because I love zoos and I love zoo animals and I especially love giraffes. They are just so awesome! The giraffe has to be my most favorite animal ever. There is something about the long necks and the long legs and the short bodies and the spots that make a giggle start in the belly and it creeps all the way up and I can’t help but feel happy.

Early in our relationship, when my husband and I were just friends, he went out to New Mexico with his family and they went to a zoo there. He knew how much I loved giraffes and when he finally posted his pictures online the first ones he uploaded were the giraffes. He didn’t say it then but I knew he did it on purpose and I knew he did it for me.  Later that year I flew to Ohio to visit my brother and he took me to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was HUGE! Plus, I got to see giraffes in person. It was a great trip. 🙂

So now we are thinking about a trip to the zoo in Tampa. I really, really, really want to go. I got all excited thinking about seeing the Safari Africa exhibit and the Wallaroo Station and Asian Gardens and the Aquatic Center and … that I decided to go on to Polyvore and create a zoo trip inspired outfit.  I thought the parrot shirt was cute but it was that giraffe tank that really got me (plus…pssst…guess what? It’s only $10 on delias.com. Gasp! I know!) and so now I want it. I want that tank, the shorts, the shoes, and the bag and then I want to go the zoo and check out the giraffes. Hooray!



2 thoughts on “Long Necks and Spots

  1. great looks for a zoo trip! the last time I went to one was last summer.. most of the time the discovery channel works for me 🙂

  2. Don’t forget Animal Planet. I sometimes will put it on as background noise and it entertains my Chihuahua. Especially the shows about puppies. Lol.

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