Oh, Happy Sole

I know…I know…I can hear you saying it. “Lilee!!! You’ve already blogged today! You can’t blog again!” and my answer is, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I can. It’s MY blog. I’ll post 10 times a day if I want to. I’ll post 24 times a day if I want to.” LOL. Now that’s in my head, “It’s my blog and I’ll write if I want to! Write if I want to! Write if I want to! You would write to if it belonged to you!” (sing it to the tune of “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” and it’s a lot funnier.


I was on Facebook earlier and one of those little  side advertisements that are “custom-fitted” to your interests caught me eye.  It was for an online shoe club called Sole Society. I’m already a member of ShoeDazzle and JustFab but Sole Society? It had somehow slipped by me. Oh Facebook, thank you for knowing me so well! Your creepy cyber-stalking of me has paid off for your advertisor. I opened a new browsing tab (I don’t like to click links. I’m so afraid of phishing) and I went to Sole Society and I signed up. I took a quick 3-question “style quiz” and presto! I had a closet of shoes waiting for me. These shoes to be exact…

Yeah!! Cute, huh?! I would never, ever wear the shoes on the bottom row right and I would probably never wear the open-toed navy heels on the top row right but the others? Definitely. Especially the glorious orange heels on the top row left. They scream FLORIDA! to me. They also scream SUMMER! I would wear them. Definitely. I was happy. Until… I saw that they had my style marked as “Ecletic, Trendy, Hipster” and I thought, “Oh No!!! Sole Society! You don’t know me at all. Here I thought I was going to find a whole community full of sole sisters and we were going to be BFF’s 4ever but instead I find that you think I’m a trendy hipster?! That’s not me at all. The description talked about living in my “well worn leather jacket” (I do own a leather jacket but I’ve worn it only once and it was during a week long trip to West Virginia in the dead of winter and I was freezing. It’s not a fashion statement!) and my love of “funky statement pieces that prove my originality” (that’s not even close) and how I’m “all about making a new statement!” (sorry…not close either). I’m just not a hipster it seems. I was sad but then I saw this, “Not you?” and I thought, “Hooray! They are not too proud to admit they may have made a mistake!” and then I read, “Take a longer style quiz.” Groan. I did take it though, it was only 10 quick questions, and then they came back with this description of me:




You radiate elegance and grace and are the ultimate in classic femininity.

Your look is classic and timeless with a contemporary twist, taking even the most basic pieces to the next level. You master casual elegance but can easily kick things up a notch by adding the latest trend like a bright scarf or “it” handbag. You’re a head-turner when it comes to dressing up, and manage to make even the shortest mini or highest stiletto look sophisticated.

It’s not exactly me but it’s better than calling me a hipster! So now I’m waiting for my new closet to be generated and in the meantime, I’m totally eyeing those fabulous orange heels. BTW…they also come in green and khaki.  I could definitely go for them in khaki. Helloooo sexy neutral!

Oh, and those navy heels from row two right I would never wear? They also come in fuchsia and terra cotta. I would proably wear them in terra cotta. OK…OK…OK…I admit it!! I would definitely wear them in terra cotta! I would wear them in navy or fuchsia too. I can’t lie anymore. I’d wear them all! I can’t fight it anymore.

My name is Lilee and I am a shoe addict.

Oh…and if you want to be an enabler (or if you are an addict yourself) you can check out Sole Society here: http://www.solesociety.com/invite/AAshley246


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