New Pages

Once again, I found myself on StumbleUpon last night just randomly stumbling through the internet when I stumbled upon a website that had these little links along the side menu that said things like:

Happy Cleaning

Happy Cooking

Happy -whatever-it-was

Happy -miscellaneous-nonsense-jargon-here

Ok…so those last two were made up by me and I can’t remember the name of the website because I was tired and didn’t log it before I signed off so I suck and now I can’t give credit to ther person I’m stealing it from.  If they happen to stumble upon this blog and realize I stole their headers then I hope they just know that I think they are awesome and that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Still, I found myself so in love with their “Happy” this and “Happy” that and I thought to myself, “Helllllooooo self! Your blog is called “My Happy Dance!” why aren’t your pages called, “My Happy” whatever? That would be cute! And as anyone knows, I’m all about cute! So I renamed, and reorganized, my pages last night. 



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