Mega Millions

There is a poll running on MSN right now asking if your employment status would change if you won the $500 million dollar lottery that is out there right now.  My answer is pretty obvious but I’m going to steal the poll and ask too.

So now, what would I do?

I would quit my job. I would pay my rent for the remainder of my lease and turn all of my monthly bills on automatic payments so I don’t have to worry about them anymore. I would pay off my car and get my car repaired. I would replace my husband’s car. I would pay off my debt. I would go to school full-time to finish my teaching degree.


I would find a job as a teacher somewhere in the country, somewhere in a city we loved, and I would move. I would buy, and pay off, a moderate family home in a clean neighborhood. I would start my family. I would work, not for the money but because I love teaching. I would then spend my summers every year traveling with my family and visiting all the places I have dreamed about seeing.

I would also donate at least one million dollars to both Room to Read and Charity: Water because they are both incredible organizations who deserve all of the help they can get.

Aside from my traveling, I would maintain a moderate, and quiet, lifestyle. I am not a flashy person and would not become one if I won a lottery. For some reason, right now, all I can think of is the introduction of Duck Tales where Uncle Scrooge is swimming in gold coins. 😀 That would not be me.

If you had $500 million? What would you do?


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