SO much to say

I should have blogged yesterday. I knew yesterday that I should have blogged yesterday but I was tired (seriously…tired! I fell asleep at about 12:30pm and slept til 4:30pm. Then I fell asleep at 6:30pm and slept til 8:30pm. Then I fell asleep at 11:30pm and slept til this morning. Obviously sleeping, not blogging, was the priority yesterday). So now I’m  behind and I have SO much to talk (or  blog, whatever, don’t argue semantics with me) about!  So now I’m kind of bummed because instead of the long ramblings I usually write I have to make shortened condensed versions. Now that my introduction has gone on long enough here is a recap of the last couple of days:


I had to complete my high school observation at my former high school. Talk about intimidating! I didn’t like the idea of going back there one bit.  High School wasn’t a pleasant time for me and I didn’t want to go back. I already knew I didn’t want to teach high schoolers, or at least I was about 92% certain that I didn’t want to teach high schoolers, so why did I have to go and complete an observation at a high school?  It is a requirement of my program. That’s why. It sucks. I went. I didn’t want to but I had to, so I did. I completed my observation hours first with my own former English teacher, Mr. Bishop, who I loved them and still love now. It was good to see him. He has always been my favorite teacher. It was hard for me because I was only there to observe him teaching but I wanted to answer all of his questions. I knew the answers. I kept wanting to raise my hand (I didn’t!) and answer him. He would ask, “Emily Dickinson always wore what  color during the later stage of her life?” Answer = White! “Her vantage point on life was from where?” Answer = Her home. “Why?” Answer = She was agoraphobic! “She wrote during which time period in literature?” Answer = Transcendalism “What she a Transcendalist? Anti-Transcendalist?” Answer = Neither. She was out there all on her own. and on…and on…and on. Then, I observed the classroom of a former friend and classmate of mine. We reconnected and chatted and I watched her teach. She is a good teacher. Mr. Bishop is a good teacher. I, however, would not be a good high school teacher. Yesterday only confirmed what I already knew and that is that I don’t love high schoolers. I love middle schoolers and I love elementary schoolers but I don’t love high schoolers. Sorry. Not for me.


Today, this morning actually, I witnessed one of the most arrogant and racist SOB’s I’ve ever seen in my life. He caused a scene in our office lobby, demanded to speak to “someone intelligent!” and then specified, “You know…someone with WHITE skin!” and just about every employee here wanted to jump the counter to kick his arrogant ass. The girl he was speaking to is one of the sweetest, smartest and most capable employees we have here and hearing him speak so degrading to her was horrible. Management got involved, our security officer got involved and he was removed from our premises.  Some people are horrible. Just horrible. I don’t understand them and I hope I never do. I enjoy being a kind person.

There was something else…I had something else which inspired me to write today.  I started this  blog post but then my buzzer sounded and it was time for my lunch break so I hit “save draft.” I hate saving my draft. I always forget what my point was (when I actually have a point) and this time was no exception. I forgot how I intended to end this blog so oh well…til next time.

Oh yeah…(sorry…I’m back w/ a quick edit) I forgot to mention this! I was browsing around on the Freshly Pressed this morning. I don’t usually do that because I’m usually pretty disappointed in those blogs but I actually found one worth reading today. It’s by a guy named Adam Telian from Denver, CO and it’s called It’s Your World, I’m Just Living in It.  It cracked me up. Check out his header banner. LOL. Anyway, go and read it and read back a few posts because it’s sure to make you chuckle, at least it made me chuckle. Funny stuff.


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