Sparkle Sparkle

I’m not sure why but today has sure started off as a sparkly kind of day.  I blame our move.  I also blame the fact that I lost nearly all of my earrings in our move.  I also blame the fact that when I was unpacking the necklaces and the bracelets and the rings that I didn’t lose I realized I fell out of love with a lot of it.  😦  I used to wear (used to…as in just last week…LOL) a lot of fun jewelry.  I had a big silver and black owl, and a bronze octopus, and a chain of coral, turquoise and white beads, and a bunch of other fun costume pieces that were just cool and quirky.  I loved them! Now? Not so much. I’m not sure why but I’m finding myself suddenly drawn to far more classic pieces of jewelry, or at the very least more classic funky pieces (NOT an oxymoron! See the owl below for an example).  I find myself wanting more pieces like these:

I don’t know what has happened.  I am starting to feel a style change and I’m sure when it started.  It’s ok though because I am seriously embracing it.  Perhaps it’s my new subconscious claming that “out with the old…in with the new” doesn’t stop with just the negative lifestyle I’ve left behind, perhaps in order to embrace my sobriety, my faith and my marriage to my husband I need to make other, more subtle, changes as well.  If those subtle changes means changing the kind of jewelry I wear then I’m totally on board.  Or maybe it’s simply it’s a subconscious clicking inside my head that says, “You’re going to be 30 in two months. That means you’re officially an “adult adult”, no more “young adult”, and maybe I want to start looking like it.  Either way…I’m going shopping.  😀


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