Happy Dress

Do you know when it’s the easiest to do a happy dance? It’s when you’re wearing a happy dress! Yes indeed, there is just something about a bright flowing comfy dress that puts me in a super happy mood. I have a lot of dresses (a little over 30 I believe) but when I was in my closet this morning trying to figure out what I was going to wear to work today I realized that I’ve fallen out of love with a few of the dresses in my closet. The brown floral? It’s got to go. The brown shirt-dress? Toss it! The black and pink floral? See-ya later! The green and brown floral? Adios! Ugh. Bye. Bye. Bye. Or maybe it’s my mood this morning (although the brown floral is defintely out!). I need less dark work dresses and more light happy dresses. I need more happy dresses like this…

Oooh yeah! Look at it. It’s yellow (and yellow = happy!) it has lace around the waist (lace…around the waist…say that aloud and I’ll bet you smile), plus it has a yellow ribbon and little bow in the front. Yep. I love it. I want it. It’s at JC Penney and it’s only $30. Unbelieveable. What a steal! I know it would make me want to pack a picnic and grab a blanket and go to the park, or the beach, or on a walk, or to an outdoor mall. Yes, an outdoor mall would be fabulous. Or the park. Aww…this dress…my husband…our puppy…the park…tell me that doesn’t sound like a beautiful day.  😀

I would need shoes though…I need more summery sandal shoes…maybe a wedge. Yes, definitely a wedge.



9 thoughts on “Happy Dress

  1. That’s a really pretty dress, if I was the type of person to wear dresses and not complain, I’d probably wear that. But alas, I am just not a dress person.

    • Aww all women should be the type of people to wear dresses and not complain. They are fabulous! I’d wear dresses, and nothing but dresses, if I was the kind of person who woke up early enough to shave my legs every morning. I’m not, but I wish I was. 😦 I just love my bed too much. 🙂

      • I think it’s just because I love wearing my jeans and boots too much. I got in trouble by my parents for telling them I’m wearing my hunting boots to prom. No one will know since my dress is floor length, everyone’s lucky I love wearing that dress, I’m not giving up my right to comfortable shoes! 😀

      • Cute shoe can be comfortable shoes! 😀 What about a sparkly ballet flat? Or a funky print ballet flat? Or a wedge? Or a chunky heel? Prom shoes don’t have to be stilettos. I vote ballet flats! You’d be comfy and able to dance the night away! (without hunting boots…I’m on your parents side. 😛 )

      • Poop. I guess it couldn’t hurt to just try some on, I mean we do have to go shop for graduation shoes too…maybe. I’ll think about. I don’t know if I’ll change my mind though, I like the whole “no one will see my feet anyway” vibe. 😛

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