It’s Official

We are officially back in our own place again.  Hurrah!  It’s the best feeling ever! I love it.

We moved on Saturday and thank God for my Dad.  We never would have been able to move in without the help from my Dad, for a variety of reasons but mostly because

  1. He had a truck, and a trailer. The trailer was the biggest help.
  2. He’s strong. My husband is strong too and so they were able to move the big furniture. I’m strong too, but I’m not as strong as they are and I couldn’t have moved the big furniture. They are strong like oxen, I’m strong like a goat.  Goats can’t move furniture.
  3. He can put together a bed frame.  I can put a box spring and a mattress on top of a bed frame but I can’t put a bed frame together.  It makes me think of a torture device and I don’t like it.

That’s mostly it but that’s big stuff! 

My Dad and my husband moved all of our big stuff (couch, loveseat, tables, bed frame, mattress, box springs, dresser, mirror, chest of drawers, big boxes) and my Mom and I moved in our little stuff (drawers, pillows, blankets, clothes, pictures, etc). The men did the hard work but we did the pretty work. 🙂  I also cleaned furniture and bought groceries. Groceries are a critical part of the moving process! Groceries = Food.  Food = Energy.  Energy = Ability to move furniture.  See?  Critical. 

Our apartment is upstairs.  I like being upstairs.  I feel more secure upstairs.  On the ground floor I feel like everyone is always walking by my front door but living upstairs means only upstairs people walk by my front door.  I like that better, so does our dog (less traffic means less barking and less barking is terrific!)  Our apartment is also a corner apartment which means no neighbors on one side and that side happens to be our bedroom side which is GREAT!  No neighbors sharing my bedroom wall.  Whoo! 

So, we are mostly moved in but not competely moved in.  We have our big stuff set-up and I have the kitchen mostly organized.  I think we did pretty good for two days worth of labor and it feels amazing to be in our own home again.  I’ve missed our privacy.  (Oh…and I’m sure you’re thinking…what??? No pictures??? No.  No pictures.  No pictures of the outside because you don’t need to know where I live and no pictures of the inside because you don’t need to know what I have. You will just have to be curious.)


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