Unicorns and Doughnut Horns

I just saw this on HappyPlace and it was so awesome (and hilarious) that I had to share it with you! Here…read…this has to be the absolute greatest letter that weatherman has ever received from anyone. EVER.

I mean, COME ON, is that not the absolute COOLEST letter ever?! 

Plus, that weatherman must have given the most amazing presentation ever because he is not going to be enslaved when this kid becomes the supreme Ultra-Lord of the Universe and that’s a lot more than the rest of us can say.  

We should all try our best to be cooler, especially to kids like this because if we don’t we will be slaving away working on building a 200-story castle while this weatherman guy is eating doughnuts fed to him off of the horns of unicorns.

I mean…check that out! How cool is that unicorn?

I wonder if bribery works?  “All Hail Supreme Ultra-Lord of the Universe Flint!”  (Come on kid…I bet I love unicorns more than that weatherman guy does! Plus…doughnuts? Mmmmm! )


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