Who ARE You People

This morning I am perplexed by one of the great mysteries of my web-verse.

It’s the great mystery of  “Who ARE you people and WHERE do you come from?!”  You see I’m puzzled by my blog statistics.  They simply make no sense.  They simply make no sense at all.  A few days ago I posted a couple of my wedding photos and my blog statistics sky-rocketed!  At least, they skyrocketed for me.  My blog views increased from an average of about 20 (yes, I am well aware that makes me sound pathetic) to 84.  84?!?  Hooray!  That is 4x my normal average so I was feeling good and I was happy-dancing all over the place.  I kept thinking, “People like me! They really like me!” but the next day when my views dropped down to 18 I thought, “Oh. No, people don’t like me” and I realized that they only reason my views went up to 84 was because I posted wedding pictures and people like weddings.  There are a lot of engaged women who are Googling wedding stuff and they are Googling wedding photos and so I simply assumed that these women found my blog during their Googling, looked at my beautiful photos, and then moved along.  The day I had only 18 views I actually wrote two blog posts, both were about school, and apparently only 18 people cared. It was a depressing realization but hey…that’s life.  It’s just the way it is sometimes and I can accept that.  People like pictures of a wedding more than they like complaining about school.  I get it.  I mean, I like pictures of my wedding more than I like school too but I can’t post pictures of my wedding every day.  I just can’t! What am I supposed to do? Just sneak it in to the middle of a blog post…like this?

Subtle, right?  So anyway, over the next few days I posted a few more blog posts because that’s what I do and my views stayed dismal.  They were at 3, 5, and 4 respectively and it was depressing.  Now, of course I must be honest and admit that I didn’t post a single time during those three days so what do I expect people to read? Well, my previous posts to be exact! Helloooo I’ve got tons of them on here!  It’s ok though.  I suppose I’ll forgive that too. 

So the 4th day I posted a new post (it was yesterday for those of you not following along).  It was a post titled, “Hurrah!” and it was about school. Again. I’m sorry.  Anyway, my views skyrocketed again and this time to…drumroll please…95!  Now really, Hurrah!  Although come on, five of you couldn’t have looked at just one extra post to get me up to my first 100? Whatever.  You suck.  I’m kidding…I’m kidding.  Thanks for reading. 

 Still though, I’m surprised that a post about school got me up to 95.  I’m so perplexed though because…explain this…

Wedding Photos = 84 views

TWO School Posts = 18 views

ONE School Post = 95 views

What?!?!  So…the way I see it it’s one of three things.  My audience is fickle and they just check in whenever they want.  My audience loves happy stuff and that’s why they subscribe to “My Happy Dance” and therefore they read about weddings and school success but ignore my school rants and confusion.  I have no audience and people simply randomly find my blog and read it.  All of the above is cool with me. 

Although, 95 views and I get no likes and one comment (Thanks Jessie!  You’re awesome!  Oh…and I did read your running post.  I missed the next one but I’m going to read it and I will comment. I’m cool like that.)


7 thoughts on “Who ARE You People

    • It can be pretty annoying can’t it? Oh well, what to do? TY for stopping by tho, at least now I know who one of the thirty people are today. 🙂

  1. The type of days and the time you posted can be a factor in your views as well. When you posted during the time when no one is on, your post will be at the bottom when some does go on to read.

    Sometimes, a certain day, people are less likely to show up to read blogs. Perhaps, those might be some of the reason why your page view is inconsistent.

    Anyways, keep blogging 😀

  2. Internet people are odd. I’ll admit that I’m odd when it comes to things I read on the internet. My thoughts are all over the place. You’ve got a sworn reader right here though. Pinky promise *holds out pinky* Oh, and thanks for the shout out, made me feel super special. 😀

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