I finished my Human Growth and Development course on Sunday, March 4th.  Hurrah! 

My final grade?  It was a 92.8% “A.”  Double Hurrah!

It was a tough class. I wanted to take it, actually, I needed to take it. I needed it because it was a requirement for my degree and I needed it because I needed the grade forgiveness to clear my transcript and raIse my GPA. I’m sure you’re asking, “Grade Forgiveness? What’s that?” Well, to put it simply it is when you re-take a class and earn a better grade and the college agrees to remove an “F” from your transrcript and everybody then moves on with their lives like those terrible grades never happened.  I’ve done that with quite a few of my classes because when I went to college about 10 years ago I was a delinquent and I screwed a whole bunch of stuff out, stuff that I’m now trying to make right. I’m stopping there, that is a tale for another time (or not because it’s really none of your business, although there may come a time when I’ll tell my old tales, but probably not. Don’t hold your breath).

I didn’t realize when I signed up for the class that it was an accelerated course.  That surprised me!  I have to complete the entire class in 6 weeks?!  A college course is normally 12 weeks!  I panicked at first because I was taking 5 additional classes and was feeling a little bit overwhelmed but then I thought, “It’s ok. Settle down. Create a schedule, stick to your schedule, do your homework. You can do this!” and since I knew I was right and I knew that I could I settled down and I’m doing it. Triple Hurrah! I didn’t miss a single assignment. I have earned A’s on every assignment, in every class, so far (except for one assigment in Oceanography but come on, it’s Oceanography so it’s hard!).

So, congratulations to me! I’m proud of myself. Plus, I have a lot of motivation this year. I have finally committed to my degree and I’m excited about earning my degree and certificates so I can start my new career.  I graduate with my first degree (AA) at the end of this semester. Not to mention, I know my husband will be very proud of me when I finally finish college. He knows how important it is to me and he’s so supportive of me and he’s been really great while I’ve had to spend so many late nights on homeworks and quizzes and exams. He really is the best! 

Now…only 6 more weeks of studying and with the completion of Human Growth and Development, it’s down to only 5 classes.  Quadruple Hurrah!


2 thoughts on “Hurrah

    • Oh, I sure hope so. I have a year and a half left after I graduate in May and I hope it flies by. I’m so anxious to be done with school and back in school. Lol.

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