What Happened?!?

Now that I have finally decided to take the plunge and pursue my dream career in Education it’s all I’ve thought about.  Now, that could be because I’ve been overwhelmed with Education courses this semester and so all I have on the brain is Piaget, Marzano’s strategies, lesson plans and Wiki’s or it could be that I’m just really excited to finally be chasing what it is I want to do with my life. I prefer to think it’s the latter.

Now, I have anticipated that my class would be something like this…

You know, middle school or high school.  Basically, the older kids. I have always liked the older kids. I can relate to the older kids, I can talk to the older kids and I understand the older kids. The little kids I just don’t “get.”  Something about them, I don’t know but it just doesn’t seem to “click” the way I do with the older kids.  Why then did I, all night last night, dream about this…

I just don’t know. Suddenly I seem to find myself thinking, “Little kids aren’t so bad. They do have their pros and advantages. I do like them  but can I relate to them? Well, sure I can! I worked in a daycare class with 2 year olds for a few years and loved it. I taught pre-school Sunday School for years and I loved it. What’s so bad about little kids?” and that is all true. I think perhaps it’s my frustration with the lack of foundation the Middle School kids I observed on Wednesday seem to have possessed. There were 7th graders who didn’t know latitude and longitude, there were 7th graders who couldn’t do their basic multiplication tables, and there were 7th graders with handwriting worse than that of the 7-year old’s I’m used to seeing. If I teach elementary school my job is to provide them with a secure foundation of education, if I teach older kids it is to build on that foundation (and hope they have it).

I’m so confused…

I have to decide because I have to know by May of this year so I can declare for my final two years in school.


2 thoughts on “What Happened?!?

  1. I too have thought about this, since I’m planning on going to school to eventually become a history teacher. I haven’t decided what level I want to eventually end up in, but I’ve thought about teaching the important foundations as well as just building on what you hope they already have the knowledge on. It’s a tricky thing! I’m sure that your pick will be a good one and that you’ll do great!

    • I have a few friends who are teachers so I’ve checked in with them for advice and I’m considering my options. It’s a big decision, for both of us. Good luck with your career change and go for it! ❤

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