There’s a Hiccup

There’s always a hiccup isn’t there? You make your plans, all is going well and then…*hiccup!* Every single time, it happens without fail. It’s annoying. What is that quote?

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns

It’s true. No matter how perfect we make our own plans something will usually come up and change things and that’s ok because I’m used to adjusting and just going with the flow.  It always makes me think of the saying, “How do you make God laugh? You make your own plans.”  Ha! True. 

So what were my plans? Well, if you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever to this blog you would know I’ve decided to chase my dream and I’m in school to become a teacher.  Hooray for me!  I had intended to earn my degree in Middle School Language Arts and teach 5th – 9th grades.  I will graduate with my AA in two months (OMG…only two more months!!! Yay!) and then I was going to start on the Middle School program.  Those were my plans.  Then this afternoon happened and now there a few hiccups.  I have taken a lot of English and Composition courses however apparently I need to take an additional American Literature and an additional British Literature before I can be admitted to that program and if I take them over the summer 2012 semester I will have to pay out of pocket because my financial aid doesn’t cover the summer semester.  That’s about $800 plus whatever my books happen to come to and that’s frustrating, not to mention expensive.  If I do not complete the courses over the summer I have to take them in the Fall which means I put earning my teaching certificate on hold for even longer and all so I can teach 5th – 9th grades.  It’s frustrating.  Then my advisor says, “Now, you do have another option.”  I was intrigued!  I do?  An option?  I like options! “Ok, well, what is my option?”  “Elementary School” was her reply. *Gulp* Elementary school?  Hmm, I don’t know.  So I have to now consider my options.

BTW…and just for the record my Middle School certificate would allow 5th – 9th and my Elementary School would allow K – 7th.  I’m really only talking about losing two grade levels if I change to Elementary and I would be losing 8th and 9th.  I prefer 5th through 7th anyway which is technically covered by both degrees, so what do I do?

MIDDLE SCHOOL – I like Middle School kids.  I like their search for identity and their coming-of-age.  I enjoy watching these kids transform into young adults and I enjoy teaching them about the world and how it, and all of the subjects, intertwine; however, in Middle School around here the classes are all separated so I would teach only one subject and that subject would be Language Arts.  I would not be able to teach Social Studies, History, Geography, Math, or Science. I would be restricted to Language Arts (which I love). The kids are older and they are in this weird no-motivation phase where school is no longer cool or interesting or fun or exciting and they have so many years still ahead of them that they aren’t really planning for college or careers yet. They are focused on their own “self” and identity and less on school, however I like that phase of life.  It would always be challenging and interesting. 

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Elementary School kids are fun and entertaining.  When I taught Sunday School I taught Elementary grades and I loved it and I loved them and it was fun.  Elementary School kids are still excited to be in school because it makes them feel like they aren’t “babies” anymore.  They are big kids doing big kid things and learning big kid concepts and reading big kid books and I would be able to be there through every step of the year and helping them with every subject.  The foundation for their education for the rest of their lives would  come from me and my classroom and that is a big, and fantastic, responsibility.  Elementary School kids tend to have a greater respect for authority and greater fear of discipline, plus with me being 5’2″ (barely) I don’t mind knowing that I won’t have to worry about kids being taller than me.  🙂  Although, those 7th graders might be but I’ll cross that bridge later.  To Elementary School kids everything is new and interesting and it’s amazing to watch their little faces light up when the “get it.”

So there are pros and cons both ways and I don’t know which way to go.  I feel like I’m in an old Benny Hill skit, “Which way do I go? Which way do I go?” 

I e-mailed a former teacher of mine that I still have a good relationship with and she said, “My advice?  Think about which grade was your favorite grade when you were in school, then teach that.  It’s easiest to teach the grades that you enjoyed most as a student.”  Then I e-mailed my college advisor again who told me I need to decide by the beginning of May.


Middle School (5th – 9th)


Elementary School (K – 7th)

Plus…the ultimate question…which age group could I handle for 30 years?  When I’m in my late 50’s do I want to deal with children? or teenagers?


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