SO Happy

I started thinking this morning and I started thinking, “Hey! Do you realize what a really great life you have?” and then I thought, “Yes. Yes I do realize what a really great life I have!” and then I danced a happy dance jig (not really because I was in the shower and dancing in there would have been dangerous) and then I smiled and I felt really great starting off this morning. I just realized, “Hey! It’s Monday and Monday’s are annoying so let’s count our blessings and be happy!” So then I started counting and here’s what I have so far…

  1. I am married to a wonderful, incredible, amazing and fantastic man. Not only is he incredible handsome but he’s sweet and he’s caring and he’s compassionate and he’s funny and he’s understanding and he’s supportive and he’s smart and he’s honest and he’s my very best friend in the whole entire world.
  2. I have a really great family. Sure, they have their flaws (and all people do) but they are good people. They are supportive (for the most part and when it matters the most) and they have always been there for me when I’ve really needed them. They are funny and they are loving and I am very lucky to have them.
  3. I have a good job that pays me well enough to comfortably pay my bills and still have a little fun. It’s not my dream career but I’m able to meet my obligations and care for myself and my family while working great hours, in a comfortable environment with mostly good people. There are a lot of those with no job at all so I’m very happy to have one that allows me to live comfortably.
  4. I’m in school pursuing my dream career (thanks in huge part to that loving and supportive husband I mentioned up in #1). I’ve started school for this 3 or 4 times but I always quit because I didn’t have anyone who really stood by me and encouraged me to do it but now I do and now I believe in myself and now I’m only a few short years away.
  5. I’m healthy. I am not overweight, I don’t have any health issues, I don’t have any allergies, I don’t have any addictions, or eating disorders, or psychological disorders. I’m a good weight with a healthy body and I feel good about myself. My husband is feeling healthier and we have our physical lives on track.

I could go on and on but really, who wants to read about a top 34 list of blessings? Or a 87? Or a 149? None of you do and I know that so I’m just going to stop at my top 5.  My point is that while my life isn’t 100% perfect it’s still really damn great and I’m really super happy! I have a great family, an incredible husband, a sweet little dog, a good job, I’m about to have a new apartment and I live in a good town near the beach, a few good malls and with baseball in town. How much more could a girl possibly want? Not much. My life is pretty fantastic.


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