It’s a Bouncy Dream

Over the weekend I went shopping with my husband (again) and it was great (again) because (as always) he is my  bestest friend and a fantastic shopping buddy! He needed, and bought, some new shorts and sneakers.  It’s FL, which means it is 350 days of summer, so he needed them. I bought summer dresses and super cute white / rattan wedge sandals and more make-up. I just bought more make-up but the blush I bought I hated! I should have known better than to buy a powder blush from Cover Girl but still, I did it. I regretted it. It was the worst blush make-up ever! The pigmentation was weak, it wore off super quick and was all-in-all just horrible. I wanted, and needed, a new blush.

I expected major confusion because powder blushes don’t last and are a waste of money but cream blushes are too heavy for me. Yes, I wear make-up but no, I don’t like to look like I wear make-up (most of the time) so I walk a fine line. What I found was like something out of Heaven. It was almost as though there was a shining beam of light and the Angels were singing and I saw this…

It is Maybelline’s new Dream Bouncy Blush. It’s not quite a cream but much richer than a powder. It’s a hybrid. It’s kind of like Michael in the Underworld movies.  You know, not quite Vampire, not quite Lycan, but a bit of both. That’s what this is, it’s a hybrid. It’s a hybrid I love! I’m not much of an “apply make-up with my fingertips” kind of girl so I usually use brushes. I apply my primer with my fingertips but then it’s brush…brush…brush (yes, I even bought a new brush when I bought this blush. I bought a blush brush. Blush  Brush. LOL. I don’t know why but that’s funny. Blush Brush. *Giggle*) This blush though, over the last few days, I have developed the application technique of clown cheeks (you know…a circular dab right on the apples) with my fingertips and then blend with a brush. It’s perfect! I’m in love.

It makes me happy because it looks a lot more natural than other heavy cream blushes and it lasts my whole work day. I need to reapply if I’m going out after work but that’s ok because if I’m not going out after work I wash my make-up off anyway. It’s natural and it’s light and it’s perfect for me. I adore it.  I’ve heard it’s flying (or bouncing???) off shelves and I can see why.  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush…so perfectly named. 😀


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