Yay! Pink Glitter!

Did I really just buy a hard-case Poppie Jones Pink Glitter Wallet for free? YES. YES I did! Yayyy!

Here’s how I did it…

First…I shop at DSW and DSW.com A LOT. I but almost all of my shoes there and I buy wallets and shoe cleaner and heel pads and shoe cushions and shoe laces and everything else there. They get a lot of my money and as such I am a “premier rewards member.”  That’s awesome.

Second…because I spend a lot of my money there I earn a lot of point certificates for money off future purchases.

Third…I’m always scoping out deals and steals.

So…I was online this morning on my  break at work and I decided to check out DSW to see what they had just pushed off to clearance and I saw that wallet. It’s pink, glittery, hard-case, holds lots of cards and cash, and it’s perfect for spring-time in FL.  It was tempting…

It was originally $30. It was on sale for $12.94. I have reward certificates for $15.00. $15.00 in rewards certificates covers $12.94 plus tax. Whoo! Now just that pesky shipping charge to contend with, but I am a premier rewards member, remember? Guess what premier rewards member get? FREE SHIPPING!

So yes…I just bought a $30.00 wallet on sale and that sale was free! 🙂  Oh…happy day!

*Happy Dance* *Happy Dance* *Happy Dance*


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