YES! To work

This is how I wish my co-workers would dress at work. I wish they would actually wear dresses with cardigans, or skirts, or dress pants. I wish they would at least look like they are at WORK instead of on the playground with their 3-year olds. I know it’s just me complaining, being petty, and being snobbish but gosh-darn-it it is so annoying! YES! To work

Abercrombie Fitch cotton shirt
$58 –

V neck shirt
£36 –

Vero Moda knit cardigan
€22 –

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel striped skirt
$81 –

Twill pants
$240 –

Seamless camisole
$9.99 –

$3 –

High heel pumps
€91 –

Madewell ballet flat shoes
$88 –

Victoria’s Secret platform heels
$68 –

Mango shop handbag
£60 –

Friis Company clutch handbag
€43 –

Chanel pearl clip on earrings
€376 –

Alexander McQueen brass bangle
£275 –

Cameo jewelry
$30 –

Cameo jewelry
$20 –

Jon Richard enamel ring
£10 –

Kit Heath flower stud earrings
£9 –


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