NOT for work!

I’m sorry but between yesterday and today this is a post that simply MUST be written! 

You see, yesterday when my husband was dropped me off at work a co-worker of mine was outside and I found myself, once again, annoyed by her sloppy appearance. We work for the local municipality and she arrives to work every day wearing capris, a loose-fitting t-shirt, sneakers, and wet hair. I find it obnoxious.

Today I got to work and when I opened up my internet browser (the local news is my homepage) there was a headline that said “The Top 10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Office Attire” and of course I had to read it. Here I am today in my fitted black dress (it has a knee-length skirt, a skinny belt at the waist, an envelope  collar with white stitching and a black button), black heels with a matching button and my little pearl earrings. My hair is dried and tied up. My make-up is neutral and day-time appropriate and she walks in with capri’s, a loose t-shirt, sneakers and wet hair? It annoys me to an extreme. People just need to understand professional business attire! We have a dress code here and I wish that my employer was more diligent about enforcing it.

Here is stuff I wish my co-workers would NOT wear! Note the lack of accessories and the wet hair…ugh!

NOT for work!

Rag bone v neck tee
$105 –

A P C boatneck tee
$165 –

Missoni loose shirt
$493 –

Sass Bide leopard t shirt
€114 –

Old navy
$27 –

True Religion black pants
€798 –

€600 –

Ash shoes
$221 –

Roman sandals
$45 –

Converse lace up shoes
$85 –

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