Our Place!

There is nothing quite like living with family that makes you appreciate the little things about having your own place. Of course, our arrangement with staying w/ my family was a temporary arrangement after we relocated back to Florida but it was still inconvenient and highly annoying.

A few of the things I have missed about our own place:

  1. My kitchen.  I have missed having my own kitchen sooo much! I have missed having a steady supply of muffins and sweet tea in my kitchen. I have missed being able to whip up a grilled cheese at 11pm if I feel so inclined and I have missed having my kitchen, my cabinets, my pantry full of MY food. I hate opening the pantry and seeing so much stuff I would never, ever, ever eat. Sometimes I look in my mom’s pantry and I think, “Did I really eat this crap when I was growing up?!? Seriously? It’s a wonder I didn’t weigh 300lbs!” Ugh. Not to mention, I’m afraid of cooking in my mom’s kitchen. I love her, I do, but she’s not the most sanitary. Sometimes I think she must say to herself, “A little salmonella never hurt anyone,” but she’s wrong. A little salmonella has hurt someone and sometimes it hurts that someone a lot. I’m sure she doesn’t really say that to herself but sometimes I wonder…
  2. I miss being able to sleep late without feeling guilty about it. My Dad is usually awake by 4:30 or 5:00am. I don’t know how he does it! I swear no matter how old I get I’ll never be able to wake up at 4:30am. That’s being up before the rooster crows! Sometimes on the weekend I can be really lazy. I can sleep til 9am or 10am (or let’s be honest…2pm if my husband and dog are both quiet.)  😀  Then I feel like I have to slink out to the main part of the house all stealthy like a ninja and pretend like I’ve been up for hours. It’s annoying. I’d rather be like, “I was sleeping. In MY place. In MY bed. Because I felt like it!” but in their place I feel guilty. Ugh.
  3. I miss being able to wear what I want. It makes me feel a bit awkward lounging around late at night in my husband’s boxer shorts and a tank top when my parents are up walking around. I keep remembering this plaque that hung in my grandmother’s house that said, “Modesty lives here” and feeling like I should cover up. There’s nothing improper about the shorts and tank top and yet still…it doesn’t seem right.
  4. I hate feeling like my parents don’t obey our rules for our dog because it’s their house. It annoys me.
  5. I hate the feeling of lacking our independence.

There’s more but that’s all I’m sharing in a blog.  So what’s my point? Was this whole thing really just me bitching about staying at my parent’s house? No. It wasn’t. My point is that very soon absolutely none of the above is going to matter because we found a place and today I got a phone call verifying our approval and telling us we can move in next month. Whoo!! So soon I’ll be able to write new posts about dilemmas like which color to paint our living room or do I want square or round plates (actually…I decided on round. It’s impossible to find charger plates for square dishes!) and should we put a tv in the bedroom…or not? I’m excited! Only five more weeks and counting! 😀

I love my husband. I love my dog. I love our new apartment. I love my life. 😀


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