Josh Hamilton

A report broke last night on Twitter (at least that is where I saw it) about Josh Hamilton relapsing with his alcohol addiction.  It was disappointing to see that. I am a big fan of Josh Hamilton (my husband calls him X-Ray b/c he is an ex-Ray and, as Rays fans, we still love him) and I want to see him be strong and successful. He is such an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled with any form of addiction and it’s hard to see someone relapsing, especially someone who is such a positive public figure.

I remember being worried about Hamilton early last MLB season when there was the incident of a fan dying at Ranger stadium.  The fan and his son were big fans of Josh Hamilton and shouted down to the field from their outfield seats asking Hamilton to toss them a fly ball he had caught for the third out of the inning. Hamilton tossed it to the fan, he reached out over the railing to catch it and fell from the stands. He died at the hospital as a result of his injuries. No one blamed Hamilton, not even the man’s family, but I was afraid Hamilton would let it affect him personally.  I don’t know how I would handle a similar situation but it would be very hard to cope with emotionally. I was hoping that Hamilton would turn to God over the bottle but I am not sure he has done that.

The first report I saw said he was drinking in a Dallas bar with Ian Kinsler (another Ranger’s player). Subsequent reports indicated that Hamilton had called Ian Kinsler from the bar and was asking for help; Kinsler arrived at the bar to meet Hamilton and take him home.  Admitting that you are messing up and needing help is a very hard thing to do and I am glad to hear that Hamilton was strong enough to do it. I hope that he continues to stay strong in his recovery and is able to overcome his demons. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled with an addiction of any kind.

I saw the reports on Twitter and I looked up Josh Hamilton in order to tweet him a few words of encouragement. His twitter bio says, “God, Family, then Baseball” which is a clear list of his priorities in life. It made me smile and I hope that he puts the bottle down and turns to God to help him with everything he is facing right now and to help him stay strong.

Good luck Josh Hamilton! and God Bless. 😀

Also…you can read a good article about it here…


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