Coming Soon: May 2012

I have exactly 109 days until my husband and I celebrate our 1-year.

I have exactly 122 days until my 30th birthday.

I have exactly…well…I have a relatively short amount of time to plan a pretty amazing celebration and I don’t even know where to begin.

All I can hear in my head is, “Begin at the beginning,”, the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” – Lewis Carroll

Truly I believe I can consider the following options:

Miami – Miami has the nightlife, the parties and the  beaches. May would be after spring break so we would miss the real craziness but it would still be summertime so it would be hot and sunny and gorgeous. Miami hotels are a little pricey but it’s only a 3-hour drive so travel costs are low. Miami possibility rating = B-

The Florida Keys – The Keys are a pure tourist destination (but then again…all of Florida is a pure tourist destination) but everyone should visit there once and, despite having grown up in Florida, I’ve never been there. My husband and I could live in our swimsuits, get our tans, and enjoy the tropics. There are even short weekend cruises from Tampa to the Keys which are relatively inexpensive and plan a lot of trip for us. Florida Keys possibility rating = A-

The Bahamas – I’m not really that interested but my husband might be so I’ll mention it to him and feel him out. I feel like there are better options but then again I haven’t really done any research in to a trip to the Bahamas and I might find myself pleasantly surprised. The Bahamas possibility rating = D+

Tampa / St Petersburg – This is a tough one. My husband and I frequent Tampa Bay a lot because of our shared love for all Tampa Bay sports and the fact that we both have friends in the area. It’s not really a “special” getaway because we are so familiar with the area. Not to mention my husband lived in Tampa for a long time and has a long history there. That all being said Tampa / St Petersburg is a very large area, there is a ton to see and do, and they are having concerts and festivals all of the time. I guarantee that despite how frequently we are in Tampa there is still a lot to be done which we have never done before. The Tampa / St Petersburg possibility rating = C-

Orlando – It’s a fun place and I love that city but it’s also my sad place. I used to go there a lot and often alone. It was where I would go when I needed to get away from the world and just scream and shout and act like a kid again. Yes, it was fun and yes, I felt like a kid again, and yes, it’s bright and pretty and fun (CityWalk!!!) but I don’t know. It’s definitely a great fun birthday place but a romantic anniversary place? I’m just not sure. Orlando possibility rating = C-

I guess I have some research ahead of me. 109 days to go…


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