Girly Rant – SHOES!

Dang it!!!!!

Yep. I’m pissed. Angry. Annoyed. Irritated. Whatever.

Before my husband and I moved back down to FL I ordered four new pairs of shoes from MakeMeChic. Their shoes are A-MAY-ZING! although their clothes are kind of trashy.  I would never wear anything from that site, except their shoes! So before we moved back down to FL I ordered four new pairs of shoes. I ordered a dark brown/light beige zebra striped pair of stilettos, a medium brown / camel pair of stilettos, a black pair of stilettos with a cute little bow on the toes and … a pair of black flats. I’ve never worn the black flats. I didn’t even want them but I bought them because my husband said, “PLEASE…for the sake of your poor feet buy at least one pair of flat shoes!” I bought them, they are on a shelf in my closet, it’s been 4 months and I have not worn them even once. I wear heels. Every day. I even wore heels to Trivia Night at our favorite sports bar last night. It’s just how I am. Anyway…the  black stilettos. I LOVE THEM! They look similar to this…

Only with a full back, with a closed toe and without the white. I adore them! I wore them to work yesterday and OMG…did they look cute! I’ve worn them three times and I just bought a new black dress w/ an envelope collar to wear with them and I was so excited!

Until yesterday…

Yesterday I was at work and in some crazy clumsy moment I banged my toe against the wall behind my desk and…scuffed up the whole front of my right shoe! I believe I muttered something along the lines of $#! &  *$H #H$^&U%^&@#% ##!%  &%&%$YE %@#% Y%$&$^. That means I was mad.

So now I have this scuff mark right on the end of my right shoe. It’s a line, right up the middle of the toe box and there’s nothing I can do about. It should be black and shiny and oh-so-cute but it’s not. It’s scuffy and now I can’t wear them ever again. Oh…woe is me. :,(



2 thoughts on “Girly Rant – SHOES!

  1. Oh no, I feel for you. Guess it is just another reason to pick up a new pair!!!!! (Oops, did I say that out loud!!!!) Last time I broke a heel – I ended up with 4 new pairs – couldn’t decide! LOL!!!!

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