Ways I Embrace My Audience

Do you remember the other day when I blogged about how I use Facebook because that guy on another blog listed it as the #1 thing he hopes I blog about? Remember…he had a blog post titled, “100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write” and #1 was about how I use Facebook. I obliged and I wrote about it although it was neither entertaining or fascinating. I apologize for that but now we have his topic #2 and this one is going to be worse. I’m sorry but it’s true.

His topic #2 is “Ways I Embrace my Audience.”

My first thought was, “Audience? What Audience? Who are you talking about?” Of course I understand that he means the people that routinely read my blog but therein lies my problem. I don’t know that I have people who “routinely” read my blog. I don’t really have “routine readers” here is who I have…

Some people that are subscribed to this blog but who neither “like” nor comment on any post so I am unable to ascertain whether they truly read my blog or if they simply subscribed in hopes that I might subscribe to them in return and read their blog. If however, you are a subscriber of mine and you are reading this blog then thank you for reading and obviously I am not talking about you, I am talking of someone who does not actually visit and read. You do read, therefore YOU are awesome.

Then there are the people who find this blog accidentally because they are also WordPress users and they searched a tag that coincidentally brought them here and then they read it out of either curiosity, or boredom, or both. Those people typically do not subscribe although they will occasionally “like” or comment on the post. Those “likes” or comments do indeed make me smile but then those kind people never return which then makes me frown and wonder what I did to drive them away. It then consumes me wondering why it is that they “liked” a post but then never bothered to read any more. If you liked one don’t you think you might like more? It’s a question that doesn’t necessarily need answering, it’s simply a point to ponder. Regardless, these people do not “routinely” read my blog so they don’t count as part of my “audience.”

Then there are those other people that truly do end up here by some sheer accident and whom I doubt spend more than 5 seconds before moving on to something that they somehow find more entertaining than my nonsense. These people typically find their way here by searching one of the things that comes up in my “Top Searches” which currently consists of these gems: yoda darth vader, yoda and darth vader, yoda vs dark vador. Yes…you read that right…DARK VADOR. WTF?! Obviously someone doesn’t know their Star Wars. Searching for Yoda or Darth Vader or apparently even Dark Vador will take you to this post … Chicken vs Egg which I guarantee you is not what they were looking for. Haven’t read it yet? Go check it out. It’s amusing at the very least. Regardless, I promise you those people click on my blog, think WTH?!? This isn’t what I want!” and then click off. They stay long enough for WordPress to count them in my stats as though they read what I wrote although I know they never truly read it at all.

So this guy on this random blog who is telling other bloggers what he wants us to write about is wanting to know the ways I embrace my audience. Well, it would be easier to answer if I actually had a loyal, loving and devoted audience but I don’t. I do however have some people who occasionally will randomly drop by and “like” or comment something and this is how I embrace THOSE people. If they comment on my blog post I will reply. I always reply. I don’t always have something charming or witty or intellectual to say but I DO reply (except for this one time … but that’s another story…). If they comment or “like” I will check out their blog in return and read and stumble through it. I’ll “like” at least one thing to say, “Hey. I saw you visited me and that’s cool. I visited you too and you’re cool.” and if I really like their blog and think it’s something I might actually re-visit then I’ll subscribe. It doesn’t matter if they subscribe to me or not, I subscribe to cool blogs I think I’ll read. If I don’t subscribe it doesn’t mean I don’t like their blog it simply means it’s not something I’ll probably check out on a regular basis, for example: a poetry site. Yes, your poetry is good and full of great imagery and allegory but will I read it on a regular basis? Probably not so it’s better that I don’t get you falsely excited.

I guess that’s it. That’s what I do.

Actually…I also smile whenever I know someone visited me. I like smiling and I like visitors so if you’re reading this you should visit me more often. You should also “like” something so I know you visited and I can visit you back. 🙂  Happy Blogging! (and visiting!)


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