How I Use Facebook

I had the urge to blog today but I had absolutely no idea what to write about which is pretty amazing because I’m not usually at a loss for words. Today though I had a severe case of writer’s block so I did what any normal person living in the 21st century would do, I went to Google because as everyone knows Google can solve anything. It did too, it solved my dilemma  because now I have a blogging topic. You see, I Googled, “what to blog about” and a result that came up was a blog (oh…the irony) and the blog post was titled, “100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.” Obviously he was speaking to ME and since I don’t want to disappoint anyone I read the first thing he wants to read and now here you have my latest blog post. While I’m not 100% certain why he wants to know about how I use Facebook I am going to tell him anyway and I am sure it is not going to be as exciting or as glamourous as he’s hoping but I’ll do my  best to spice it up and make it exciting for you all.

So how do I use Facebook? Well, I mostly use it to store my photos and to talk to my family.

Yes. That’s it. Photos and Talking.

Or I could be lying. and I am.

I actually use Facebook for a lot. You see, I live many, many, many states away from the majority of my family. They all live way up north where it’s cold and snowy and mountainous and I live way down south where its’ warm and sunny and beachy and beautiful. I think it’s  obvious who got the brains in my family (ME!). I use Facebook to keep in touch with them. Thanks to Facebook I’ve reconnected with relatives I had lost touch with, I was able to keep in touch with old friends, I was able to make new friends and one of those new friends I ended up marrying! Actually, I made friends with him on MySpace but we didn’t actually speak until Facebook but that’s a long personal story and it’s not made for a blog. Let’s suffice to say it was obvious from the first time we chatted that we were made for each other. God is very good.

I also use Facebook for my  blogs. Not this blog, this isn’t a Facebook blog, this is a “I have a blog and it has no point it’s just to be me and my nonsensical ramblings and I’m going to just say whatever it is I feel like saying” blog and I just don’t feel like it deserves a Facebook page. I don’t need (or really want) people to “like” this blog on Facebook. I do have two other blogs which do have Facebook pages. On one of them I talk about the books I’ve read and whether or not they are worth your time and the other is about my walk with God and my triumphs and failures with my faith. I set up separate blogs for those because I talk about those two things a lot and didn’t want to fill this rambling one up with all that stuff. Those also post to Facebook on their own Facebook pages. Very few people “like” them but then again, I don’t advertise them and I only set them up a week or so ago. I’m not worried about it. They will grow (or not) on their own.

That’s about it. That’s how I use Facebook.

I also mostly use it on my mobile phone…just in case you were wondering.


2 thoughts on “How I Use Facebook

    • Lol. Well…for the sake of honesty I do use it to spy on my teenage and pre-teen cousins. You are definitely correct tho, ignorance IS bliss sometimes. I try to pretend like I didn’t act like that when I was their age. LOL.

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