Fingernails, Toenails and Parties

Tonight (it’s actually about 2:20am, I got in about 30 minutes ago so technically I suppose it’s “last night” but whatever…just go with it, ok?) was a Christmas party kind of night. First my husband and I had plans to go to a Martini Bar across the bridge to see my sister’s fiancee rap and then we headed across the street to a rooftop rock and roll party. I was really looking forward to it…two hours of rap followed by two hours of rock and then home. Sounded like a fun night…and it was!

Let’s rewind though to wear my dilemma came from…

So yesterday my husband and I were in the store and I decided I needed to buy some new red nail polish. I have pink and orange and a dark mulberry and a new purple-y grey color and a neutral and a bunch of other colors but amazingly I was missing red, like a REAL red. I looked and looked and looked and I finally found one I loved called, “Rapid Red.” Now, I normally paint my own toenails because it’s easy for me. I’m right-handed and I can use my right hand to paint the nails on both of my feet and it’s easy. My toenails looked perfect and my feet looked amazing and I was very happy. I’m going to admit, right here, right now (is it just me or did that song just pop in to anyone else’s head too?

“Right here, Right now / In the midst of the crowd / I stand alone and I make my vow / Whatever it takes, I will be faithful / Right here, Right now / Let there  be no doubt / Let every whisper, with every shout / Let the whole world know I will be faithful / This is my vow”


But I’m going to admit it, right here, right now, I’m constantly stressing over and perfecting my feet. I live in Florida and open-toed shoes and open sandals are a way of life and therefore my feet have to always look beautiful. Dry, cracked skin? No way! Painted toenails? Always! Chipped polish? Never! I give myself a home pedicure at least once a week and paint my toenails at least once, if not twice, a week. I’m a pro at painting my toenails. My fingernails? Not so much. I’m a wreck at painting my fingernails! I always want them to look like the picture over there, all perfect and clean and beautiful but they never do. I keep my nails short, about as short as hers, but the polish always ends up on the skin around the nail and I can’t help it! I heard that I should put vasoline on the skin around the nail and then when the nail polish dries I can just wash my hands and the skin will be clean but when I tried it, it didn’t work. I always end up with polish on my skin, then later I have to be SO meticulous with nail polish remover trying to clean up the skin around the nail without removing the polish on the actual nail and then if I do accidentally touch the nail itself I have to re-paint the nail and the vicious cycle starts all over. Damn you left hand!!! If I could paint both of my hands with my right hand I wouldn’t have this problem. Actually, if I was ambidextrous I wouldn’t have this problem but I’m not so lucky on either count. Normally I just pay to have someone paint my nails but that gets expensive so I need to figure out how to paint my right nails with my left hand without causing such a mess. It wouldn’t even have been a big deal really but since I bought the red nail polish and I had Christmas parties to go to tonight I wanted red fingernails. I painted them with three coats last night, then cleaned the skin around the nails before bed and then painted one more coat this morning and then cleaned the skin again, then applied the top coat and then got ready to go out. I’ll admit, they looked pretty damn fabulous, although it took an insane amount of time. I’ll keep them red through Christmas Day but the 26th I am thinking they will become that beautiful purple-y grey I have. I hate seeing someone with nails with polish that you KNOW is left over from a special occasion or holiday. I hate seeing Halloween nails during the first week of November. I hate seeing Easter-y pastel nails at the end of April. It just annoys me, I know it’s silly but it’s true so red nails will be gone Dec. 26th and replaced with a non-Christmas color. It’s my own personal nail-fashion rule but red nails must take at least a one-month hiatus after Christmas or Valentine’s Day. That way the red nail polish has that “wow” effect when it’s worn and it doesn’t come across looking like holiday leftovers.

So my husband and I went out Christmas partying tonight. I had my hair all cutely braided and pinned, I had sexy open-toed silver heels with hot “rapid red” toenails and fingernails. My jewelry was all freshly cleaned and sparkly and I felt amazing! What a great night! Merry Christmas Eve, Eve to everyone and I hope you all have a fabulous holiday!


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