Candid Cameras

When we were planning our wedding my husband proposed the idea of having disposable cameras on each dining table during the reception so our guests could all take candid pictures throughout the event and then leave the cameras for us to develop. I thought it was a great idea especially since we would be busy and not able to take a lot of pictures ourselves. The guests seemed to really enjoy them and they seemed to have fun sneaking around like paparazzi taking pictures of everyone. Plus, since they were 35mm disposables there was no way to review the shot and hear, “No! I look fat! Delete that and take another!’ or “My eyes are closed! Take it again!” so looking through them after they were developed was pretty hilarious. There were some funny faces, some hilarious moments, some closed eyes, and some cute pictures. Naturally, as with any 35mm disposable camera some of the photos were over-exposed and didn’t come out at all, some were too dark, some of them were double exposed because the photo taker forgot to rewind the film properly but still…it was a great idea and I love having these pictures!



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