Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s Back to Work I Go!

The greatest phone call in the whole world came today. I finally have my back-to-work start date! Can we say it? Yayyyyyy!

My husband and I moved back to Florida because I was supposed to be returning to work but for one reason or another things just weren’t working out and it was so frustrating and annoying. I’ve been so anxious to return to work, to feel productive, to earn paychecks, to have insurance, to have an excuse to dress up in all of my really awesome professional clothes and heels and jewelry (and be able to buy more clothes and heels and jewelry!). It feels good and it makes me happy.

Now I’m able to really think about 2012 and get excited about our future. There are still other little things to work out about work and school but the one major thing is now taken care of. I feel like I just lost about 20 pounds of stress and it feels SO good!

Now…just to wait 11 more days…


3 thoughts on “Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It’s Back to Work I Go!

    • Well aren’t you kind! Thank you very much. 🙂 I am certainly very happy. I count my blessings daily and this phone call just gave me one more to add to my list.

  1. How highly disappointing. I had a comment come through on this post and it was sweet and although it included a link and might have been considered “spam” I approved it because it was nice and I was in a good mood. Then I thought to myself, “If this is on my blog I should check it out and make sure it’s not linking to something awful” and it turns out it was linking to a website where you are asked to pay $70 to register for these work-from-home type of jobs. Smelled like a scam for sure so I had to unapprove and delete the comment. How sad. I highly dislike spammers.

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