Christmas Flashback

Christmas is 10 days away and today it got me thinking about Christmases past. There were some really great Christmases and there were some ok Christmases and there were some really memorable gifts (for good and bad reasons) and today I found myself getting rather retrospective on the whole thing. To start if off…here is a picture of me on during a Christmas very, very past.

I believe I’m playing with a beach bucket. I lived in West Virginia, I don’t know why I was given a beach bucket for Christmas. It would have made more sense for me to have a sled or a snow shovel but a beach bucket works, I was about 17 months in that picture.

I believe the best gift I ever got for Christmas was a talking Mother Goose. She was fantastic!!! I have a picture of me opening it up but I couldn’t find it to post it here. I’ll describe it for you though. I’m about 4 years old and I’m surrounded by a sea of shiny wrapping paper and in there in front of me is a Mother Goose wearing a pink and blue bow-tie and matching bonnet and I have my mouth gaping wide open like this :-O and one hand in front of it with a OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! look in my eyes. It’s quite adorable. I loved that Goose! I remember one wing used to flip up to reveal a hidden tape deck where you could play the tapes from books like The Emperor Wears No Clothes or The Ugly Ducking. Her mouth (beak?) used to open and close along with the words so it would look like she was speaking and occasionally she would break away from the story to sing a little song. I loved her! I still have her. 25 years later and I still have that Goose. She was incredible.


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