Question of the Day?

I stumbled on a website today called Raising the Question which is actually kind of interesting. It starts out with …

“Why should we use a question of the day? It is estimated that we ask ourselves around 60,000 questions a day. This is quite an impressive figure until you realize that 95% of those questions are the very same questions we asked ourselves yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

The Question of the Day ’30 day challenge’ dares you to break that pattern and make a conscious decision to challenge your mind and ask yourself at least one fresh new question each day.”

The first question kind of made me LOL and then groan. It says …

“I am a rock group that has 4 members, all of whom are dead, one of which was assasinated. What am I?”

Did you get it? Do you want the answer?

The answer is…Mount Rushmore! Get it? Ok…chuckle then groan and realize it was kind of lame and then we will all move on.

Then I found another question and that question was, “What Do You Enjoy the Most?” and I like that question so I’m going to ramble on …

I know it’s cliche but I mostly enjoy spending time with my husband. He is awesome and hilarious and sweet and funny and loving and supportive and patient and honest and quirky and talented and overall just amazing. One of my favorite things to do with him is go shopping. I feel pretty damn lucky to be able to say that because how many women can honestly say they ENJOY shopping with their husbands? It’s fun. We both enjoy it and I love how honest he is with me. I can pick out a shirt and show him and if he loves it he will say so and if he doesn’t he will say that as well. Sometimes I test him to keep him honest…I’ll pick out something I know he will not love and pretend to be excited about it just to see if he will be honest and tell me he hates it. He is always honest with me. I love that. ❤  I love trying things on and getting his opinion. I love helping him pick out shirts and jerseys. I love being able to spend an hour with both of us looking at hats. He gets TB Bucs hats and Orlando Magic hats and TB Bolts hats and I get all kind of fashion hats. I try on floppy hats and bucket hats and fedoras. Shoe shopping is where I really get him because the look on his face when I tell him I’m looking for yet another pair of black heels, LOL, well…guys just don’t understand heels but get him in a sports store and he’s in heaven! We joke around and can easily kill hours just hanging out. Sometimes we buy stuff, sometimes we don’t but no matter what I have a great time with him! Yep…he’s an amazing man and I love him! I’ve always loved him. I loved him for years before he was mine but I always knew he was mine. He always knew he was mine. There was never any doubt, he always belonged to me and now that we are finally together…well he’s just the greatest man in the world and my heart and life are finally complete and perfect.

Ok…so what do I enjoy most when I’m not hanging out with my husband? I enjoy reading, and blogging. I love reading and now that I’m back in FL I can borrow books from my Dad who has a HUGE library which is amazing! I swear I have enough books to last me years in there. It’s very impressive and it’s very cozy and I love it! I’ve learned more about sports and athletes and history and war and politics than I ever would have learned without my Dad’s library.

My husband and my dad are easily the two most wonderful and incredible and loving men in the whole world and I am incredibly lucky and amazingly blessed to have them both such a big part of my life.


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